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Expression evaluator to see a particular field of a struct?

  • can i enter an expression, as one can in Xcode, to view a particular field of a struct as the "value" of said struct?
    eg: if i have this lovely struct:

    0_1548962799938_Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 11.26.26 AM.png

    and i just want "this" to show "this->i_description.i_uni.i_nameP", so that i do NOT have to drill down to it every time, just see the value (in red) right next to "this"?

    eg: in Xcode i can enter this expression


    and then see "Main Thread Queue" as expected. How do we do this in Qt?

  • does anyone have any ideas here?

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    It's not specific to Qt. It's specific to the debugger. You didn't say which debugger you're using and on which platform.
    With CDB on Windows at least you simply write this->i_description.i_uni.i_nameP just like in code with no special syntax.

  • i need a solution for both mac and windows (mac: xcode, windows: Visual Studio 2017)

    note i don't want to type that into the expressions window, or have to look in a different panel. i want to just see it in place next to "this" every time i run the debugger (as you can do with Xcode)

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    Sorry, I never had a mac in my hands so "like in XCode" doesn't tell me much. Do you have something like debugging helpers in mind?

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