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Is anyone familiar with a delay from QUdpSocket on startup for Ubuntu?

  • I seem to have had two experiences with Qt where it will introduce a delay at startup or require a delay to be added to the application during system startup. I wanted to know if anyone has had similar experiences?

    Scenario 1 is when we had a polling thread that was converted to a notification based implementation by adding the main event loop QCoreApplication and wiring the QUdpSocket.readyRead() signal to a slot in a QObject to process.

    Scenario 2 is a third part app developed in Qt where we had to add a delay at startup to ensure the system would work properly.

    I'm curious if this is unique to Qt and if so why and do other C++/C frameworks solve socket communications differently?

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    @James-Mark-Chan I fear you will have to provide more information as from that description it isn't clear what your app is doing. Before accusing Qt we should first find out what is really going on in your app.

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    Do you have any sample program for us to check ? We also use socket inside our program. We don't see such issue. It could the way you have done programming practice ?

  • Scenario 2 was incorrectly reported from a peer and I was able to fix the bug. So that is no longer an issue. That given I'm going to assume scenario 1 is a bug in our vendors code which is an old issue. Thank you both for your time. I was trying to find a link to this thread so I could update it with the resolution but some how did not find a way to see all the topics I've posted. This is an awesome community.

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    @James-Mark-Chan you should find all your posts in your profile. just click on your username.

    And thanks for the flowers :)

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