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Qt Font fallback when glyph not found

  • Hello

    I encountered a problem with my Qt Font setup. I'm using the NotoSans font for multiple languages including Thai and Arabic. I have multiple positions where I have a dot (FULL-STOP) symbol to be translated. Now the problem is that NotoSansThai-Regular (or the arabic one) doesn't support FULL-STOP unicode symbols which ends up in me having the "Tofu" symbol displayed.

    Is there a way to tell Qt that it should use NotoSans-Regular instead of NotoSansThai-Regular whenever it doesn't find a glyph? I don't want to use another font at all and merging the font files is the last I opt to.

     QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("ErrorCollection", "System starting up"),

    let me know if you need more information. As this code is restricted to be published i can't probably show more but I'll see.

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