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Download offline maps

  • Hi,

    I wrote the program Taho: (german) (english)
    It is free and open source.
    The main reason was to download OSM Maps for mobile apps which require offline maps but don't offer a download service. There are less and less such apps. But now someone asked me to add features so it could be used for QTLocation offline maps. So I did, and it is almost ready, but there are some questions which would be best answerd by the potential users.
    As far as I see it, the main feature is the path and filename, so lets start at the begining of it.
    Is there a standart directory where to put it, or should I add a setting for QT-Offline maps or should it be selected for each download?
    Then the filename osm_100-<l|h>-<map_id>-<z>-<x>-<y>.<extension>.
    it always starts with osm_100- , thats easy, but what are low and high definition tiles? Until now I always new, that the resolution depends only on the zoom level. For the map ID I decided to enter in the settings for the tile-servers a field which gives the map-id, but for many sources its not obvios. And since there are mor than 7 sources some IDs are used for different sources which I don't realy like. The rest: <z>-<x>-<y>.<extension>. is obvios.
    Should it anly be used for basemaps or also for overlays?
    Until now I don't use QTLocation, I only heard about it last week and I'm not sure if I can use it in a c++ program

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