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Updating Qt Creator is a mess

  • Hi,
    I had an old Qt Creator in C:\QT under Windows 10, I tried to update it with the maintanance tool, but ufter some time nothing happened any more, so I stopped it using the Taskmanager. So I just tried to install the new version, but when I selected C:\qt it toled me that there is already a version in this folder and therefore I had to install it somewhere else. Do I need a new folder for each Version? So I thougt why not put it where programms belong, in the program folder. But that didn't war because it has a space in the Folder Name (Program Files), so I created C:\qt2019 and finaly I got a new version. For some reason now I tried the maintenance tool again, and again it blocked. But this time it already deleted the qtcreator.exe so now I had to do maintenance. I reran it, but every time it stopped after 58%. The Task manager confirms, that it is not just slow but "Angehalten" (in german) so stopped. So again I tried to install it again, with the same problem as before, tha installer even refuses to install qt in the folder where the same installer installed it a week ago. So again a new folder,... is this normal?

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    @Dimitri-Junker said in Updatin QTCreator is a mess:

    is this normal?

    No. Usually it all works nicely without hiccups. Are you using the online or offline installer? If offline, then which Qt Creator version?

  • Hi,

    I got an other update problem, when I start QTCreator and don't select a project verry fast, thn it starts updating the documentation, and by doing so blocks again. the whole window becoms lighter in color. and it says "keine Rückmeldung" in german, so "no response" or similar. The progress bar is at 100% The only thing possible to do than is closing the window and start over. But it says "QT Creator not responding and offers to wait for a response or shut it down.
    So now after a restart I can check the version:
    Qt Creator 4.8.1
    Based on Qt 5.12.0 (MSVC 2015, 32 bit)

    Erstellt am Jan 15 2019 22:17:12

    Revision e8df914ef2

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