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Qt and DirectX for games

  • Hello,

    first post!

    I need to develop an configuration utility for games. The utility will configure the actions of the physical buttons of the game controller. For every games on Microsoft that uses DirectX, I must create a utility program (Qt) that will overlay on the game screen and show in real time the buttons actions. The utility must be half trans-lucid. The question is:

    How Can I make a utility soft that overlays the game screen that used DirectX and is half trans-lucid? Of course, if there's any way to do it on every games (all platforms, DirectX or not or driving the graphic card directly) would be better.

    Many thanks

  • OK, thanks, that's what I'll do. Any experience with DirectX also? I wish to display a Qt app on top of a game which use DirectX. Asking just in case..

    Thanks again

  • I've tried to use some files from the DirectX SDK with MinGW with no luck. Please keep in mind that I had no luck - there is possibly a way I do not know of.

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