Qt Creator 2.3.0 available from apt?

  • Hey, i'd prefer installing through apt but the latest qt creator available in my ubuntu repos seems to be 2.1.x .. is there a repo available with the latest versions?

    I used to have a Qt SDK installation from the offline installer but the programs compiled with that one would point to qt libs (.so) inside the QtSDK installation directory instead of proper /usr/lib and the debian packager didnt like that much. Then again now that I think about it, it might have been a beta SDK with qt 4.8 libs so that explains.. :P

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    I am using QtSDK and compiling using OS Qt libs (4.7.1 currently, on Kubuntu 11.04). Qt Creator automatically detected the system libraries, too. So you don't have to use libs shipped with QtSDK, you can use any available on your system (I'm currently having 4.7.1, 4.8 and 2 separate 5.0 libs on my OS, and everything works fine. Didn't try any packaging, though).

    As for APT repos, I am not aware of any up to date ones, there may be some unofficial available. But, to be honest, the SDK does fantastic job and I'm happy with having that. You can of course compile creator yourself, too.

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    We do not provide ubuntu repos for Qt creator. I am not aware of 3rd party repos either.

  • Alrighty then. Online installer it is then.

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