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Widget geometry problem

  • Hey guys

    OK. So the problem I'm facing with latest QT SDK (qt 4.7.4) is that when I arrange my GUI elements with QT designer as I used to do before (using vertical and horizontal layouts) I can no longer get the width and height properties of those GUI elements for mobile simulator and desktop builds. What is more geometry() method does not seem to work ether. All I get is QRect(0,0 100x30) for every GUI component - buttons, inputs or QGraphicsView, I even took a pain to measure the size of these components using screenshot & photoshop its obvious something is not right.

    Any ideas?


  • Hi,

    please take a look to the references to the Qt-Complex framework that is a QML based auto-adapting system that used geometry and other methods to solve this problem. The actual version of the project is outdated but also working. You can find all the references here:

    For the project in while "here": you can find some wiki pages with a first documentation on how it works.

  • If it is not sufficient, please write me directly or post a note on the Mobile and Embedded group, I'll send you a preview of the Qt Complex 2.0 near to be released.

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