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Strange tab ordering

  • Ok, so I have some weird behavior that I cannot wrap my head around.

    I have a Form with a lineEditField at the top followed by a tab box form (defined in another ui file) containing children that are also lineEditFields. At the bottom of the form is a save button, reset button, and close button.

    I have no problem setting the tab order between the top lineEditField and three buttons on the bottom. I am comfortable doing that through code and qtDesigner.

    The tab box is populated when the form is opened by the user. You cannot set the tab ordering through qtDesigner or code beforehand because it is dynamically generated.

    The tab order acts oddly when I try to add the children of the tab box. I am trying to add them directly after the top lineEditField. They are added but they always occur after the close button of the main form. It is as if Qt always tabs through the top level form first and then tabs through the contained forms. Is there a known way to have tab ordering to jump in and out of two forms?

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