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My Win7 32bits doesn't have proper Qt versions in the Kits configuration.

  • Hello everyone.
    I used the online open source installation for the Qt 5.12.0. After the installation completed, I created a Qt Widgets Application Project through the QT Creator 4.8.0(Community). In the step to select a proper Qt version, I had no choice to select like the below picture.
    How do I solve this problems? Thanks a lot.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you also install the MinGW version provided through the installer ?
    Do you have Visual Studio 2015 (that can't be provided because of Microsoft rules)
    Did you install the Android SDK and NDK ?

    If you go to the Kit part of Qt Creator's preferences, what information do you get when hovering the red mark with your mouse ?

  • Hello, thank you for your kind reply.

    1. There seems no MinGW 7.3 32bit version choice in the installation components list;
    2. My VS 2015 is a 32bit version :(
    3. Not.
      The infomation is "qmake not exist or can not execute".
      If I need to reinstall, how do I choose the installation components? My windows is win7 32bit version. Big thanks to you.

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    It seems you installed Qt versions for 64 bit, they will not work on your system.

    Unfortunately, Qt 5.12 is MinGW64-only for now (QTBUG-35288), but several people have interest in 32 bit too.

    I don't know if a MSVC 2015 32 bit is still delivered as prebuild version.

    In both cases, it would be possible to build Qt from source, or use an older version like 5.11.x.

  • Hello, thank you for your kindly reply.
    OK, I will follow your instruction and try to install an earlier Qt version.

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