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GStreamer : Pipeline to connect VNC server and Display/Record the remote GUI

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    @LeLev said in GStreamer : understanding the concept of 'pipeline':


    this is the actual problem. Try to cast it to GstMessageType:

    msg = gst_bus_timed_pop_filtered(bus, GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE, static_cast<GstMessageType>(GST_MESSAGE_ERROR | GST_MESSAGE_EOS));

  • i just changed the 3rd parameter and it compiled

    msg = gst_bus_timed_pop_filtered(bus, GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE, GST_MESSAGE_EOS);

  • @jsulm said in GStreamer : understanding the concept of 'pipeline':

    ry to cast it to GstMessageType:

    Thank you !

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    @LeLev That's why it is important to post all errors: many errors are just follow up errors caused by another error.

  • @jsulm said in GStreamer : understanding the concept of 'pipeline':

    all errors

    saved for the next time.

    I'm confused about this lib.
    In this hello world exemple they say :

    If everything built fine, fire up the executable! You should see a window pop up, containing a video being played straight from the Internet, along with audio. Congratulations!

    I can't figure out how a window will pop up.
    I'm reading the playbin description right now, in my app nothing pops up.

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    @LeLev said in GStreamer : understanding the concept of 'pipeline':

    I can't figure out how a window will pop up.

    So, you start the app but no window pops up?
    Then probably something is wrong. I don't know what. You can debug and see what happens.

  • @jsulm said in GStreamer : understanding the concept of 'pipeline':

    So, you start the app but no window pops up?


    @jsulm said in GStreamer : understanding the concept of 'pipeline':

    probably something is wrong

    yes, with putenv("GST_DEBUG=2"); i got :

    0:00:03.253981299  1536 0000000037E010C0 WARN             souphttpsrc gstsouphttpsrc.c:1379:gst_soup_http_src_parse_status:<source> error: Secure connection setup failed.
    0:00:03.254006642  1536 0000000037E010C0 WARN             souphttpsrc gstsouphttpsrc.c:1379:gst_soup_http_src_parse_status:<source> error: TLS/SSL support not available; install glib-networking (6), URL:, Redirect to: (NULL)
    0:00:03.254067912  1536 0000000037E010C0 WARN                 basesrc gstbasesrc.c:3055:gst_base_src_loop:<source> error: Internal data stream error.
    0:00:03.254105765  1536 0000000037E010C0 WARN                 basesrc gstbasesrc.c:3055:gst_base_src_loop:<source> error: streaming stopped, reason error (-5)
    0:00:03.254180509  1536 0000000037E010C0 WARN                typefind gsttypefindelement.c:991:gst_type_find_element_chain_do_typefinding:<typefindelement0> error: Stream doesn't contain enough data.
    0:00:03.254192057  1536 0000000037E010C0 WARN                typefind gsttypefindelement.c:991:gst_type_find_element_chain_do_typefinding:<typefindelement0> error: Can't typefind stream

    i will install glib-networking

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    @LeLev You could try to play a video from a non-SSL (non-HTTPS) URL.

  • @jsulm That worked thank you!

  • Can please someone help me to complete this pipeline so it can record the VNC remote desktop to video file and/or show it with
    playbin ?
    pipeline = gst_parse_launch("rfbsrc host=xx.xx.xx.xx port=5900 password=passw view-only=true",NULL);

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    Use the tee plugin.

  • @SGaist thank you, I tryed to use tee, but that is more complicated to do, i actually don't want to Watch and Save/record.
    I would like to only save the video without displaying it.

    after some houres i got this broken pipeline..

    I have lot of troubles on how to set up the format for the video and write it to a file
    I use ultraVnc server

    "rfbsrc host=xx.xx.xx.xx port=5900 password=pw view-only=true   TODO : set up video format    ! mpegtsmux ! filesink location=testvideo.mp4"

    i have this output

    ** (QVNCClient.exe:10252): CRITICAL **: gst_video_info_set_format: assertion 'format != GST_VIDEO_FORMAT_UNKNOWN' failed
    ** (QVNCClient.exe:10252): CRITICAL **: gst_video_info_to_caps: assertion 'info->finfo->format != GST_VIDEO_FORMAT_UNKNOWN' failed
    (QVNCClient.exe:10252): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_event_new_caps: assertion 'caps != NULL' failed
    (QVNCClient.exe:10252): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_pad_push_event: assertion 'GST_IS_EVENT (event)' failed
    (QVNCClient.exe:10252): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_mini_object_unref: assertion 'mini_object != NULL' failed
    0:00:00.737522311 10252 0000000036FDDBC0 WARN                 basesrc gstbasesrc.c:3275:gst_base_src_prepare_allocation:<rfbsrc0> Subclass failed to decide allocation
    0:00:00.737604753 10252 0000000036FDDBC0 WARN                 basesrc gstbasesrc.c:3055:gst_base_src_loop:<rfbsrc0> error: Internal data stream error.
    0:00:00.737644531 10252 0000000036FDDBC0 WARN                 basesrc gstbasesrc.c:3055:gst_base_src_loop:<rfbsrc0> error: streaming stopped, reason not-negotiated (-4)
    This program is linked against GStreamer 1.14.3 


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    You have here an example of pipeline with h264 recording.

  • @SGaist hi,
    I am still struggling with Gstreamer.

    Could you please try to see where the probleme is ?
    i try this pipeline :

    gst-launch-1.0 -v rfbsrc host=xx.xx.x.xx port=5900 password=passw view-only=true !
    tee name = t ! queue ! omxh264enc ! 
    'video/x-h264, stream-format=(string)byte-stream' ! h264parse ! qtmux ! 
    filesink location=test.mp4 t. ! queue ! videoscale ! video/x-raw, 
    width=480,height=270 ! xvimagesink -e sync=false

    OUTPUT :
    *(gst-launch-1.0:8672): GStreamer-CRITICAL *: gst_element_make_from_uri: assertion 'gst_uri_is_valid (uri)' failed
    WARNING: erroneous pipeline: no element "omxh264enc"

    I downloaded and installed x264 from here but i still get same error

    Maybe there is a simple way to just connect to VNC srv and only record without displaying.
    Or a simple tool that i can start with QProcess

  • i tryed like this also :

    gst-launch-1.0 rfbsrc host=xx.x.x.xx port=xxxx password=xxxx view-only=true ! videoconvert ! x264enc ! flvmux ! filesink location=xyz.flv

    OUTPUT : WARNING : erroneous pipeline : no element "x264enc"

    I found "x264enc" is part of gst-plugins-ugly but cant fugure out how to install tath missing plugin. I downloaded it from here

    I also found a tool : vnc2flv
    i need to build it with python but when i try i get :

    error print version
    Missing parentheses in call to 'print'. Did you mean print(version)

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    @LeLev said in GStreamer : understanding the concept of 'pipeline':

    gst-plugins-ugly but cant fugure out how to install tath missing plugin

    apt install gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly

  • @jsulm hi ,
    I did not mension I'm using windows.

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    @LeLev said in GStreamer : understanding the concept of 'pipeline':

    error print version
    Missing parentheses in call to 'print'. Did you mean print(version)

    Because the code is written for Python 2 and you are using Python 3

    What set of plugins did you get when installing on Windows ?

  • hi @SGaist thank you,
    please see my output for gst-inspect-1.0

    gio:  giosink: GIO sink
    gio:  giosrc: GIO source
    gio:  giostreamsink: GIO stream sink
    gio:  giostreamsrc: GIO stream source
    taglib:  id3v2mux: TagLib-based ID3v2 Muxer
    taglib:  apev2mux: TagLib-based APEv2 Muxer
    soundtouch:  pitch: Pitch controller
    soundtouch:  bpmdetect: BPM Detector
    openh264:  openh264dec: OpenH264 video decoder
    openh264:  openh264enc: OpenH264 video encoder
    decklink:  decklinkaudiosink: Decklink Audio Sink
    decklink:  decklinkvideosink: Decklink Video Sink
    decklink:  decklinkaudiosrc: Decklink Audio Source
    decklink:  decklinkvideosrc: Decklink Video Source
    y4menc:  y4menc: YUV4MPEG video encoder
    y4mdec:  y4mdec: YUV4MPEG demuxer/decoder
    webrtc:  webrtcbin: WebRTC Bin
    wavparse:  wavparse: WAV audio demuxer
    wavpack:  wavpackenc: Wavpack audio encoder
    wavpack:  wavpackdec: Wavpack audio decoder
    wavenc:  wavenc: WAV audio muxer
    wasapi:  wasapideviceprovider (GstDeviceProviderFactory)
    wasapi:  wasapisrc: WasapiSrc
    wasapi:  wasapisink: WasapiSrc
    vpx:  vp9enc: On2 VP9 Encoder
    vpx:  vp9dec: On2 VP9 Decoder
    vpx:  vp8enc: On2 VP8 Encoder
    vpx:  vp8dec: On2 VP8 Decoder
    vorbis:  vorbistag: VorbisTag
    vorbis:  vorbisparse: VorbisParse
    vorbis:  vorbisdec: Vorbis audio decoder
    vorbis:  vorbisenc: Vorbis audio encoder
    volume:  volume: Volume
    videotestsrc:  videotestsrc: Video test source
    videoscale:  videoscale: Video scaler
    videorate:  videorate: Video rate adjuster
    videoparsersbad:  vc1parse: VC1 parser
    videoparsersbad:  h265parse: H.265 parser
    videoparsersbad:  jpeg2000parse: JPEG 2000 parser
    videoparsersbad:  pngparse: PNG parser
    videoparsersbad:  mpeg4videoparse: MPEG 4 video elementary stream parser
    videoparsersbad:  mpegvideoparse: MPEG video elementary stream parser
    videoparsersbad:  diracparse: Dirac parser
    videoparsersbad:  h264parse: H.264 parser
    videoparsersbad:  h263parse: H.263 parser
    videomixer:  videomixer: Video mixer 2
    videofiltersbad:  videodiff: Video Diff
    videofiltersbad:  zebrastripe: Zebra stripe overlay
    videofiltersbad:  scenechange: Scene change detector
    videofilter:  videomedian: Median effect
    videofilter:  videoflip: Video flipper
    videofilter:  videobalance: Video balance
    videofilter:  gamma: Video gamma correction
    videocrop:  aspectratiocrop: aspectratiocrop
    videocrop:  videocrop: Crop
    videoconvert:  videoconvert: Colorspace converter
    videobox:  videobox: Video box filter
    udp:  udpsrc: UDP packet receiver
    udp:  dynudpsink: UDP packet sender
    udp:  multiudpsink: UDP packet sender
    udp:  udpsink: UDP packet sender
    typefindfunctions: audio/audible: aa, aax
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-xi: xi
    typefindfunctions: video/x-pva: pva
    typefindfunctions: application/x-ssa: ssa, ass
    typefindfunctions: application/octet-stream: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: image/x-degas: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: image/x-icon: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: application/x-yuv4mpeg: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: image/vnd.wap.wbmp: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: image/vnd.adobe.photoshop: psd
    typefindfunctions: application/msword: doc
    typefindfunctions: application/pdf: pdf
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-kss: kss
    typefindfunctions: video/x-ivf: ivf
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-sap: sap
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-vgm: vgm
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-gbs: gbs
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-ay: ay
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-gym: gym
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-nsf: nsf
    typefindfunctions: video/vivo: viv
    typefindfunctions: application/x-mmsh: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: multipart/x-mixed-replace: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: video/x-dirac: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: application/x-ms-dos-executable: dll, exe, ocx, sys, scr, msstyles, cpl
    typefindfunctions: application/x-ar: a
    typefindfunctions: application/x-tar: tar
    typefindfunctions: application/x-rar: rar
    typefindfunctions: image/svg+xml: svg
    typefindfunctions: application/postscript: ps
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-caf: caf
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-wavpack-correction: wvc
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-wavpack: wv, wvp
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-spc: spc
    typefindfunctions: audio/aac: aac, adts, adif, loas
    typefindfunctions: application/x-executable: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: text/x-cmml: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: application/x-ogg-skeleton: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-celt: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-speex: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: application/x-ogm-text: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: application/x-ogm-audio: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: application/x-ogm-video: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: video/x-theora: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-vorbis: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-flac: flac
    typefindfunctions: application/x-subtitle-vtt: vtt
    typefindfunctions: subtitle/x-kate: no extensions
    typefindfunctions: application/x-compress: Z
    typefindfunctions: application/zip: zip
    typefindfunctions: application/x-gzip: gz
    typefindfunctions: application/x-bzip: bz2
    typefindfunctions: image/x-sun-raster: ras
    typefindfunctions: image/x-xpixmap: xpm
    typefindfunctions: image/x-jng: jng
    typefindfunctions: video/x-mng: mng
    typefindfunctions: image/x-xcf: xcf
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-sid: sid
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-sbc: sbc
    typefindfunctions: audio/iLBC-sh: ilbc
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-amr-wb-sh: amr
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-amr-nb-sh: amr
    typefindfunctions: video/x-dv: dv, dif
    typefindfunctions: video/x-mve: mve
    typefindfunctions: application/mxf: mxf
    typefindfunctions: video/x-matroska: mkv, mka, mk3d, webm
    typefindfunctions: image/x-portable-pixmap: pnm, ppm, pgm, pbm
    typefindfunctions: image/x-exr: exr
    typefindfunctions: image/webp: webp
    typefindfunctions: image/tiff: tif, tiff
    typefindfunctions: image/bmp: bmp
    typefindfunctions: image/png: png
    typefindfunctions: image/gif: gif
    typefindfunctions: image/jpeg: jpg, jpe, jpeg
    typefindfunctions: application/x-ape: ape
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-shorten: shn
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-rf64: rf64
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-w64: w64
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-ircam: sf
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-sds: sds
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-voc: voc
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-nist: nist
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-paris: paf
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-svx: iff, svx
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-aiff: aiff, aif, aifc
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-wav: wav
    typefindfunctions: application/xml: xml
    typefindfunctions: application/ttml+xml: ttml+xml
    typefindfunctions: application/smil: smil
    typefindfunctions: application/sdp: sdp
    typefindfunctions: application/x-hls: m3u8
    typefindfunctions: application/itc: itc
    typefindfunctions: text/uri-list: ram
    typefindfunctions: text/utf-32: txt
    typefindfunctions: text/utf-16: txt
    typefindfunctions: text/plain: txt
    typefindfunctions: video/x-flv: flv
    typefindfunctions: application/ no extensions
    typefindfunctions: application/dash+xml: mpd, MPD
    typefindfunctions: application/x-shockwave-flash: swf, swfl
    typefindfunctions: application/x-pn-realaudio: ra, ram, rm, rmvb
    typefindfunctions: application/vnd.rn-realmedia: ra, ram, rm, rmvb
    typefindfunctions: text/html: htm, html
    typefindfunctions: video/mj2: mj2
    typefindfunctions: image/x-jpc: jpc, j2k
    typefindfunctions: image/jp2: jp2
    typefindfunctions: image/x-quicktime: qif, qtif, qti
    typefindfunctions: video/quicktime: mov, mp4
    typefindfunctions: application/x-3gp: 3gp
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-m4a: m4a
    typefindfunctions: video/x-nuv: nuv
    typefindfunctions: video/x-h265: h265, x265, 265
    typefindfunctions: video/x-h264: h264, x264, 264
    typefindfunctions: video/x-h263: h263, 263
    typefindfunctions: video/mpeg4: m4v
    typefindfunctions: video/mpeg-elementary: mpv, mpeg, mpg
    typefindfunctions: application/ogg: ogg, oga, ogv, ogm, ogx, spx, anx, axa, axv
    typefindfunctions: video/mpegts: ts, mts
    typefindfunctions: video/mpeg-sys: mpe, mpeg, mpg
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-gsm: gsm
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-dts: dts
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-ac3: ac3, eac3
    typefindfunctions: audio/mpeg: mp3, mp2, mp1, mpga
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-mod: 669, amf, ams, dbm, digi, dmf, dsm, gdm, far, imf, it, j2b, mdl, med, mod, mt2, mtm, okt, psm, ptm, sam, s3m, stm, st
    , ult, umx, xm
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-ttafile: tta
    typefindfunctions: application/x-apetag: mp3, ape, mpc, wv
    typefindfunctions: application/x-id3v1: mp3, mp2, mp1, mpga, ogg, flac, tta
    typefindfunctions: application/x-id3v2: mp3, mp2, mp1, mpga, ogg, flac, tta
    typefindfunctions: video/x-fli: flc, fli
    typefindfunctions: audio/mobile-xmf: mxmf
    typefindfunctions: audio/riff-midi: mid, midi
    typefindfunctions: audio/midi: mid, midi
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-imelody: imy, ime, imelody
    typefindfunctions: video/x-vcd: dat
    typefindfunctions: video/x-cdxa: dat
    typefindfunctions: audio/qcelp: qcp
    typefindfunctions: video/x-msvideo: avi
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-au: au, snd
    typefindfunctions: audio/x-musepack: mpc, mpp, mp+
    typefindfunctions: video/x-ms-asf: asf, wm, wma, wmv
    theora:  theoraparse: Theora video parser
    theora:  theoraenc: Theora video encoder
    theora:  theoradec: Theora video decoder
    tcp:  multisocketsink: Multi socket sink
    tcp:  tcpserversrc: TCP server source
    tcp:  tcpserversink: TCP server sink
    tcp:  tcpclientsrc: TCP client source
    tcp:  tcpclientsink: TCP client sink
    tcp:  socketsrc: socket source
    subparse:  ssaparse: SSA Subtitle Parser
    subparse:  subparse: Subtitle parser
    subparse: subparse_typefind: srt, sub, mpsub, mdvd, smi, txt, dks, vtt
    srtp:  srtpdec: SRTP decoder
    srtp:  srtpenc: SRTP encoder
    speex:  speexdec: Speex audio decoder
    speex:  speexenc: Speex audio encoder
    speed:  speed: Speed
    spectrum:  spectrum: Spectrum analyzer
    spandsp:  tonegeneratesrc: Telephony Tone  Generator source
    spandsp:  dtmfdetect: DTMF detector element
    spandsp:  spanplc: SpanDSP PLC
    soup:  souphttpclientsink: HTTP client sink
    soup:  souphttpsrc: HTTP client source
    smpte:  smptealpha: SMPTE transitions
    smpte:  smpte: SMPTE transitions
    smoothstreaming:  mssdemux: Smooth Streaming demuxer
    smooth:  smooth: Smooth effect
    siren:  sirenenc: Siren Encoder element
    siren:  sirendec: Siren Decoder element
    shapewipe:  shapewipe: Shape Wipe transition filter
    segmentclip:  videosegmentclip: Video buffer segment clipper
    segmentclip:  audiosegmentclip: Audio buffer segment clipper
    sdpelem:  sdpsrc: SDP Source
    sdpelem:  sdpdemux: SDP session setup
    sbc:  sbcenc: Bluetooth SBC audio encoder
    sbc:  sbcdec: Bluetooth SBC audio decoder
    rtspclientsink:  rtspclientsink: RTSP RECORD client
    rtsp:  rtpdec: RTP Decoder
    rtsp:  rtspsrc: RTSP packet receiver
    rtpmanager:  rtpdtmfmux: RTP muxer
    rtpmanager:  rtpmux: RTP muxer
    rtpmanager:  rtpssrcdemux: RTP SSRC Demux
    rtpmanager:  rtprtxsend: RTP Retransmission Sender
    rtpmanager:  rtprtxreceive: RTP Retransmission receiver
    rtpmanager:  rtprtxqueue: RTP Retransmission Queue
    rtpmanager:  rtpsession: RTP Session
    rtpmanager:  rtpptdemux: RTP Demux
    rtpmanager:  rtpjitterbuffer: RTP packet jitter-buffer
    rtpmanager:  rtpbin: RTP Bin
    rtp:  rtpstorage: RTP storage
    rtp:  rtpulpfecenc: RTP FEC Encoder
    rtp:  rtpulpfecdec: RTP FEC Decoder
    rtp:  rtpreddec: Redundant Audio Data (RED) Decoder
    rtp:  rtpredenc: Redundant Audio Data (RED) Encoder
    rtp:  rtpstreamdepay: RTP Stream Depayloading
    rtp:  rtpstreampay: RTP Stream Payloading
    rtp:  rtpvrawpay: RTP Raw Video payloader
    rtp:  rtpvrawdepay: RTP Raw Video depayloader
    rtp:  rtpvp9pay: RTP VP9 payloader
    rtp:  rtpvp9depay: RTP VP9 depayloader
    rtp:  rtpvp8pay: RTP VP8 payloader
    rtp:  rtpvp8depay: RTP VP8 depayloader
    rtp:  rtpvorbispay: RTP Vorbis payloader
    rtp:  rtpvorbisdepay: RTP Vorbis depayloader
    rtp:  rtptheorapay: RTP Theora payloader
    rtp:  rtptheoradepay: RTP Theora depayloader
    rtp:  rtpsv3vdepay: RTP SVQ3 depayloader
    rtp:  rtpspeexdepay: RTP Speex depayloader
    rtp:  rtpspeexpay: RTP Speex payloader
    rtp:  rtpsirendepay: RTP Siren packet depayloader
    rtp:  rtpsirenpay: RTP Payloader for Siren Audio
    rtp:  rtpsbcpay: RTP packet payloader
    rtp:  rtpsbcdepay: RTP SBC audio depayloader
    rtp:  rtpqdm2depay: RTP QDM2 depayloader
    rtp:  rtpqcelpdepay: RTP QCELP depayloader
    rtp:  rtpmp4gpay: RTP MPEG4 ES payloader
    rtp:  rtpmp4gdepay: RTP MPEG4 ES depayloader
    rtp:  rtpmp4adepay: RTP MPEG4 audio depayloader
    rtp:  rtpmp4apay: RTP MPEG4 audio payloader
    rtp:  rtpmp4vdepay: RTP MPEG4 video depayloader
    rtp:  rtpmp4vpay: RTP MPEG4 Video payloader
    rtp:  rtpmp2tpay: RTP MPEG2 Transport Stream payloader
    rtp:  rtpmp2tdepay: RTP MPEG Transport Stream depayloader
    rtp:  rtpmp1sdepay: RTP MPEG1 System Stream depayloader
    rtp:  asteriskh263: RTP Asterisk H263 depayloader
    rtp:  rtpL24depay: RTP audio depayloader
    rtp:  rtpL24pay: RTP audio payloader
    rtp:  rtpL16depay: RTP audio depayloader
    rtp:  rtpL16pay: RTP audio payloader
    rtp:  rtpL8depay: RTP audio depayloader
    rtp:  rtpL8pay: RTP audio payloader
    rtp:  rtpklvpay: RTP KLV Payloader
    rtp:  rtpklvdepay: RTP KLV Depayloader
    rtp:  rtpjpegpay: RTP JPEG payloader
    rtp:  rtpjpegdepay: RTP JPEG depayloader
    rtp:  rtpj2kpay: RTP JPEG 2000 payloader
    rtp:  rtpj2kdepay: RTP JPEG 2000 depayloader
    rtp:  rtph265pay: RTP H265 payloader
    rtp:  rtph265depay: RTP H265 depayloader
    rtp:  rtph264pay: RTP H264 payloader
    rtp:  rtph264depay: RTP H264 depayloader
    rtp:  rtph263pay: RTP H263 packet payloader
    rtp:  rtph263depay: RTP H263 depayloader
    rtp:  rtph263pdepay: RTP H263 depayloader
    rtp:  rtph263ppay: RTP H263 payloader
    rtp:  rtph261depay: RTP H261 depayloader
    rtp:  rtph261pay: RTP H261 packet payloader
    rtp:  rtpopuspay: RTP Opus payloader
    rtp:  rtpopusdepay: RTP Opus packet depayloader
    rtp:  rtpmpvpay: RTP MPEG2 ES video payloader
    rtp:  rtpmpvdepay: RTP MPEG video depayloader
    rtp:  rtpmparobustdepay: RTP MPEG audio depayloader
    rtp:  rtpmpapay: RTP MPEG audio payloader
    rtp:  rtpmpadepay: RTP MPEG audio depayloader
    rtp:  rtppcmapay: RTP PCMA payloader
    rtp:  rtppcmupay: RTP PCMU payloader
    rtp:  rtppcmudepay: RTP PCMU depayloader
    rtp:  rtppcmadepay: RTP PCMA depayloader
    rtp:  rtpamrpay: RTP AMR payloader
    rtp:  rtpamrdepay: RTP AMR depayloader
    rtp:  rtpgsmpay: RTP GSM payloader
    rtp:  rtpgsmdepay: RTP GSM depayloader
    rtp:  rtpg729pay: RTP G.729 payloader
    rtp:  rtpg729depay: RTP G.729 depayloader
    rtp:  rtpg726pay: RTP G.726 payloader
    rtp:  rtpg726depay: RTP G.726 depayloader
    rtp:  rtpg723pay: RTP G.723 payloader
    rtp:  rtpg723depay: RTP G.723 depayloader
    rtp:  rtpg722pay: RTP audio payloader
    rtp:  rtpg722depay: RTP audio depayloader
    rtp:  rtpilbcdepay: RTP iLBC depayloader
    rtp:  rtpilbcpay: RTP iLBC Payloader
    rtp:  rtpgstpay: RTP GStreamer payloader
    rtp:  rtpgstdepay: GStreamer depayloader
    rtp:  rtpdvpay: RTP DV Payloader
    rtp:  rtpdvdepay: RTP DV Depayloader
    rtp:  rtpceltpay: RTP CELT payloader
    rtp:  rtpceltdepay: RTP CELT depayloader
    rtp:  rtpbvpay: RTP BV Payloader
    rtp:  rtpbvdepay: RTP BroadcomVoice depayloader
    rtp:  rtpac3pay: RTP AC3 audio payloader
    rtp:  rtpac3depay: RTP AC3 depayloader
    rsvg:  rsvgdec: SVG image decoder
    rsvg:  rsvgoverlay: RSVG overlay
    rfbsrc:  rfbsrc: Rfb source
    replaygain:  rgvolume: ReplayGain volume
    replaygain:  rglimiter: ReplayGain limiter
    replaygain:  rganalysis: ReplayGain analysis
    removesilence:  removesilence: RemoveSilence
    rawparse:  rawvideoparse: rawvideoparse
    rawparse:  rawaudioparse: rawaudioparse
    rawparse:  unalignedvideoparse: unalignedvideoparse
    rawparse:  unalignedaudioparse: unalignedaudioparse
    pnm:  pnmenc: PNM image encoder
    pnm:  pnmdec: PNM image decoder
    png:  pngenc: PNG image encoder
    png:  pngdec: PNG image decoder
    playback:  parsebin: Parse Bin
    playback:  urisourcebin: URI reader
    playback:  uridecodebin3: URI Decoder
    playback:  uridecodebin: URI Decoder
    playback:  decodebin3: Decoder Bin 3
    playback:  decodebin: Decoder Bin
    playback:  streamsynchronizer: Stream Synchronizer
    playback:  subtitleoverlay: Subtitle Overlay
    playback:  playsink: Player Sink
    playback:  playbin3: Player Bin 3
    playback:  playbin: Player Bin 2
    pcapparse:  irtspparse: IRTSPParse
    pcapparse:  pcapparse: PCapParse
    pango:  textrender: Text renderer
    pango:  clockoverlay: Clock overlay
    pango:  timeoverlay: Time overlay
    pango:  textoverlay: Text overlay
    opusparse:  opusparse: Opus audio parser
    opus:  opusdec: Opus audio decoder
    opus:  opusenc: Opus audio encoder
    openjpeg:  openjpegenc: OpenJPEG JPEG2000 encoder
    openjpeg:  openjpegdec: OpenJPEG JPEG2000 decoder
    openglmixers:  glmosaic: OpenGL mosaic
    openglmixers:  glstereomix: OpenGL stereo video combiner
    openglmixers:  glvideomixerelement: OpenGL video_mixer
    openglmixers:  glvideomixer: OpenGL video_mixer bin
    openglmixers:  glmixerbin: OpenGL video_mixer empty bin
    opengl:  gldifferencematte: Gstreamer OpenGL DifferenceMatte
    opengl:  glfilterglass: OpenGL glass filter
    opengl:  gloverlay: Gstreamer OpenGL Overlay
    opengl:  gldeinterlace: OpenGL deinterlacing filter
    opengl:  gltestsrc: Video test source
    opengl:  glstereosplit: GLStereoSplit
    opengl:  glviewconvert: OpenGL Multiview/3D conversion filter
    opengl:  glfilterapp: OpenGL application filter
    opengl:  glshader: OpenGL fragment shader filter
    opengl:  glcolorscale: OpenGL color scale
    opengl:  gleffects_laplacian: Laplacian Convolution Demo Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_blur: Blur with 9x9 separable convolution Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_sobel: Sobel edge detection Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_glow: Glow Lighting Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_sin: All Grey but Red Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_xray: Glowing negative effect
    opengl:  gleffects_lumaxpro: Luma Cross Processing Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_xpro: Cross Processing Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_sepia: Sepia Toning Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_heat: Heat Signature Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_square: Square Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_bulge: Bulge Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_twirl: Twirl Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_fisheye: FishEye Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_tunnel: Light Tunnel Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_stretch: Stretch Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_squeeze: Squeeze Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_mirror: Mirror Effect
    opengl:  gleffects_identity: Do nothing Effect
    opengl:  gleffects: Gstreamer OpenGL Effects
    opengl:  glvideoflip: OpenGL video flip filter
    opengl:  gltransformation: OpenGL transformation filter
    opengl:  glfiltercube: OpenGL cube filter
    opengl:  glsrcbin: GL Src Bin
    opengl:  glsinkbin: GL Sink Bin
    opengl:  glfilterbin: GL Filter Bin
    opengl:  glcolorbalance: Video balance
    opengl:  glcolorconvert: OpenGL color converter
    opengl:  gldownload: OpenGL downloader
    opengl:  glupload: OpenGL uploader
    opengl:  glimagesinkelement: OpenGL video sink
    opengl:  glimagesink: GL Sink Bin
    ogg:  oggaviparse: Ogg AVI parser
    ogg:  oggparse: Ogg parser
    ogg:  ogmtextparse: OGM text stream parser
    ogg:  ogmvideoparse: OGM video stream parser
    ogg:  ogmaudioparse: OGM audio stream parser
    ogg:  oggmux: Ogg muxer
    ogg:  oggdemux: Ogg demuxer
    nice:  nicesink: ICE sink
    nice:  nicesrc: ICE source
    mxf:  mxfmux: MXF muxer
    mxf:  mxfdemux: MXF Demuxer
    multipart:  multipartmux: Multipart muxer
    multipart:  multipartdemux: Multipart demuxer
    multifile:  splitmuxsrc: Split File Demuxing Bin
    multifile:  splitmuxsink: Split Muxing Bin
    multifile:  splitfilesrc: Split-File Source
    multifile:  multifilesink: Multi-File Sink
    multifile:  multifilesrc: Multi-File Source
    mulaw:  mulawdec: Mu Law audio decoder
    mulaw:  mulawenc: Mu Law audio encoder
    mpg123:  mpg123audiodec: mpg123 mp3 decoder
    midi:  midiparse: MidiParse
    matroska:  webmmux: WebM muxer
    matroska:  matroskamux: Matroska muxer
    matroska:  matroskaparse: Matroska parser
    matroska:  matroskademux: Matroska demuxer
    level:  level: Level
    legacyrawparse:  audioparse: Audio Parse
    legacyrawparse:  videoparse: Video Parse
    lame:  lamemp3enc: L.A.M.E. mp3 encoder
    kate:  katetag: Kate stream tagger
    kate:  kateparse: Kate stream parser
    kate:  kateenc: Kate stream encoder
    kate:  katedec: Kate stream text decoder
    jpegformat:  jifmux: JPEG stream muxer
    jpegformat:  jpegparse: JPEG stream parser
    jpeg:  jpegdec: JPEG image decoder
    jpeg:  jpegenc: JPEG image encoder
    ivtc:  combdetect: Comb Detect
    ivtc:  ivtc: Inverse Telecine
    isomp4:  qtmoovrecover: QT Moov Recover
    isomp4:  mj2mux: MJ2 Muxer
    isomp4:  3gppmux: 3GPP Muxer
    isomp4:  ismlmux: ISML Muxer
    isomp4:  mp4mux: MP4 Muxer
    isomp4:  qtmux: QuickTime Muxer
    isomp4:  rtpxqtdepay: RTP packet depayloader
    isomp4:  qtdemux: QuickTime demuxer
    interleave:  deinterleave: Audio deinterleaver
    interleave:  interleave: Audio interleaver
    interlace:  interlace: Interlace filter
    inter:  intervideosink: Internal video sink
    inter:  intervideosrc: Internal video source
    inter:  intersubsink: Internal subtitle sink
    inter:  intersubsrc: Internal subtitle source
    inter:  interaudiosink: Internal audio sink
    inter:  interaudiosrc: Internal audio source
    id3tag:  id3mux: ID3 v1 and v2 Muxer
    id3demux:  id3demux: ID3 tag demuxer
    icydemux:  icydemux: ICY tag demuxer
    hls:  hlssink2: HTTP Live Streaming sink
    hls:  hlssink: HTTP Live Streaming sink
    hls:  hlsdemux: HLS Demuxer
    goom2k1:  goom2k1: GOOM: what a GOOM! 2k1 edition
    goom:  goom: GOOM: what a GOOM!
    geometrictransform:  perspective: perspective
    geometrictransform:  fisheye: fisheye
    geometrictransform:  mirror: mirror
    geometrictransform:  square: square
    geometrictransform:  tunnel: tunnel
    geometrictransform:  bulge: bulge
    geometrictransform:  stretch: stretch
    geometrictransform:  waterripple: waterripple
    geometrictransform:  twirl: twirl
    geometrictransform:  sphere: sphere
    geometrictransform:  rotate: rotate
    geometrictransform:  pinch: pinch
    geometrictransform:  marble: marble
    geometrictransform:  kaleidoscope: kaleidoscope
    geometrictransform:  diffuse: diffuse
    geometrictransform:  circle: circle
    gdp:  gdppay: GDP Payloader
    gdp:  gdpdepay: GDP Depayloader
    gdkpixbuf:  gdkpixbufsink: GdkPixbuf sink
    gdkpixbuf:  gdkpixbufoverlay: GdkPixbuf Overlay
    gdkpixbuf:  gdkpixbufdec: GdkPixbuf image decoder
    gaudieffects:  gaussianblur: GstGaussianBlur
    gaudieffects:  solarize: Solarize
    gaudieffects:  exclusion: Exclusion
    gaudieffects:  dodge: Dodge
    gaudieffects:  dilate: Dilate
    gaudieffects:  chromium: Chromium
    gaudieffects:  burn: Burn
    freeverb:  freeverb: Reverberation/room effect
    flxdec:  flxdec: FLX video decoder
    flv:  flvmux: FLV muxer
    flv:  flvdemux: FLV Demuxer
    flac:  flactag: FLAC tagger
    flac:  flacdec: FLAC audio decoder
    flac:  flacenc: FLAC audio encoder
    fieldanalysis:  fieldanalysis: Video field analysis
    equalizer:  equalizer-10bands: 10 Band Equalizer
    equalizer:  equalizer-3bands: 3 Band Equalizer
    equalizer:  equalizer-nbands: N Band Equalizer
    effectv:  rippletv: RippleTV effect
    effectv:  streaktv: StreakTV effect
    effectv:  radioactv: RadioacTV effect
    effectv:  optv: OpTV effect
    effectv:  quarktv: QuarkTV effect
    effectv:  revtv: RevTV effect
    effectv:  vertigotv: VertigoTV effect
    effectv:  shagadelictv: ShagadelicTV
    effectv:  warptv: WarpTV effect
    effectv:  dicetv: DiceTV effect
    effectv:  agingtv: AgingTV effect
    effectv:  edgetv: EdgeTV effect
    dvdspu:  dvdspu: Sub-picture Overlay
    dvbsuboverlay:  dvbsuboverlay: DVB Subtitles Overlay
    dv:  dvdec: DV video decoder
    dv:  dvdemux: DV system stream demuxer
    dtmf:  rtpdtmfdepay: RTP DTMF packet depayloader
    dtmf:  rtpdtmfsrc: RTP DTMF packet generator
    dtmf:  dtmfsrc: DTMF tone generator
    directsound:  directsoundsinkdeviceprovider (GstDeviceProviderFactory)
    directsound:  directsoundsink: Direct Sound Audio Sink
    deinterlace:  deinterlace: Deinterlacer
    debugutilsbad:  fakevideosink: Fake Video Sink
    debugutilsbad:  errorignore: Convert some GstFlowReturn types into others
    debugutilsbad:  watchdog: Watchdog
    debugutilsbad:  debugspy: DebugSpy
    debugutilsbad:  compare: Compare buffers
    debugutilsbad:  chopmydata: FIXME
    debugutilsbad:  fpsdisplaysink: Measure and show framerate on videosink
    debugutilsbad:  checksumsink: Checksum sink
    debug:  cpureport: CPU report
    debug:  testsink: Test plugin
    debug:  taginject: TagInject
    debug:  progressreport: Progress report
    debug:  pushfilesrc: Push File Source
    debug:  navseek: Seek based on left-right arrows
    debug:  rndbuffersize: Random buffer size
    debug:  capssetter: CapsSetter
    debug:  breakmydata: Break my data
    dashdemux:  dashdemux: DASH Demuxer
    d3d:  d3dvideosink: Direct3D video sink
    cutter:  cutter: Audio cutter
    coreelements:  streamiddemux: Streamid Demux
    coreelements:  valve: Valve element
    coreelements:  multiqueue: MultiQueue
    coreelements:  typefind: TypeFind
    coreelements:  tee: Tee pipe fitting
    coreelements:  filesink: File Sink
    coreelements:  queue2: Queue 2
    coreelements:  queue: Queue
    coreelements:  output-selector: Output selector
    coreelements:  input-selector: Input selector
    coreelements:  identity: Identity
    coreelements:  funnel: Funnel pipe fitting
    coreelements:  filesrc: File Source
    coreelements:  fakesink: Fake Sink
    coreelements:  fakesrc: Fake Source
    coreelements:  downloadbuffer: DownloadBuffer
    coreelements:  dataurisrc: data: URI source element
    coreelements:  concat: Concat
    coreelements:  capsfilter: CapsFilter
    compositor:  compositor: Compositor
    coloreffects:  chromahold: Chroma hold filter
    coloreffects:  coloreffects: Color Look-up Table filter
    cairo:  cairooverlay: Cairo overlay
    bayer:  rgb2bayer: RGB to Bayer converter
    bayer:  bayer2rgb: Bayer to RGB decoder for cameras
    avi:  avisubtitle: Avi subtitle parser
    avi:  avimux: Avi muxer
    avi:  avidemux: Avi demuxer
    auparse:  auparse: AU audio demuxer
    audiovisualizers:  wavescope: Waveform oscilloscope
    audiovisualizers:  synaescope: Synaescope
    audiovisualizers:  spectrascope: Frequency spectrum scope
    audiovisualizers:  spacescope: Stereo visualizer
    audiotestsrc:  audiotestsrc: Audio test source
    audioresample:  audioresample: Audio resampler
    audiorate:  audiorate: Audio rate adjuster
    audioparsers:  wavpackparse: Wavpack audio stream parser
    audioparsers:  sbcparse: SBC audio parser
    audioparsers:  mpegaudioparse: MPEG1 Audio Parser
    audioparsers:  flacparse: FLAC audio parser
    audioparsers:  dcaparse: DTS Coherent Acoustics audio stream parser
    audioparsers:  ac3parse: AC3 audio stream parser
    audioparsers:  amrparse: AMR audio stream parser
    audioparsers:  aacparse: AAC audio stream parser
    audiomixer:  audiointerleave: AudioInterleave
    audiomixer:  liveadder: AudioMixer
    audiomixer:  audiomixer: AudioMixer
    audiofxbad:  audiochannelmix: Simple stereo audio mixer
    audiofx:  scaletempo: Scaletempo
    audiofx:  audioecho: Audio echo
    audiofx:  audiofirfilter: Audio FIR filter
    audiofx:  audiowsincband: Band pass & band reject filter
    audiofx:  audiowsinclimit: Low pass & high pass filter
    audiofx:  audioiirfilter: Audio IIR filter
    audiofx:  audiochebband: Band pass & band reject filter
    audiofx:  audiocheblimit: Low pass & high pass filter
    audiofx:  audiodynamic: Dynamic range controller
    audiofx:  audioamplify: Audio amplifier
    audiofx:  audiokaraoke: AudioKaraoke
    audiofx:  audioinvert: Audio inversion
    audiofx:  audiopanorama: Stereo positioning
    audioconvert:  audioconvert: Audio converter
    audiobuffersplit:  audiobuffersplit: Audio Buffer Split
    app:  appsink: AppSink
    app:  appsrc: AppSrc
    apetag:  apedemux: APE tag demuxer
    alphacolor:  alphacolor: Alpha color filter
    alpha:  alpha: Alpha filter
    alaw:  alawdec: A Law audio decoder
    alaw:  alawenc: A Law audio encoder
    aiff:  aiffmux: AIFF audio muxer
    aiff:  aiffparse: AIFF audio demuxer
    adpcmenc:  adpcmenc: ADPCM encoder
    adpcmdec:  adpcmdec: ADPCM decoder
    adder:  adder: Adder
    accurip:  accurip: AccurateRip(TM) CRC element
    subenc:  srtenc: Srt encoder
    subenc:  webvttenc: WebVTT encoder
    proxy:  proxysrc: Proxy source
    proxy:  proxysink: Proxy Sink
    imagefreeze:  imagefreeze: Still frame stream generator
    dtls:  dtlsenc: DTLS Encoder
    dtls:  dtlsdec: DTLS Decoder
    dtls:  dtlssrtpdec: DTLS-SRTP Decoder
    dtls:  dtlssrtpenc: DTLS-SRTP Encoder
    dtls:  dtlssrtpdemux: DTLS SRTP Demultiplexer
    coretracers:  latency (GstTracerFactory)
    coretracers:  log (GstTracerFactory)
    coretracers:  stats (GstTracerFactory)
    coretracers:  leaks (GstTracerFactory)
    autodetect:  autovideosink: Auto video sink
    autodetect:  autovideosrc: Auto video source
    autodetect:  autoaudiosink: Auto audio sink
    autodetect:  autoaudiosrc: Auto audio source
    autoconvert:  autoconvert: Select convertor based on caps
    autoconvert:  autovideoconvert: Select color space convertor based on caps
    staticelements:  bin: Generic bin
    staticelements:  pipeline: Pipeline object
    Total count: 149 plugins, 671 features

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Then use the openh264enc encoder in place of the other.

  • @SGaist thanks for the suggestion,

    I tryed to adapt this exemple with openh264enc :

    gst-launch-1.0 -v rfbsrc host= port=5900 password=pa009v view-only=true ! queue ! openh264enc ! "video/x-h264, stream-format=(string)byte-stream" ! h264parse ! qtmux ! filesink location=test.mp4 


    WARNING: erroneous pipeline: could not link queue0 to openh264enc0

    if i remove the 'queue' element then i got

    WARNING: erroneous pipeline: could not link rfbsrc0 to openh264enc0

    How to link my rfbsrc to openh264enc please ?

  • I tryed to add 'decodebin' between my rfbsrc and the openh264enc ,

    Now i have format issue again.. a .mp4 file is created but empty, can this be related to my VNC Server ? i use Ultra VNC as server

    gst-launch-1.0 -v rfbsrc host=xx.xx.x.xx port=5900 password=xxxx view-only=true ! decodebin ! "video/x-h264, stream-format=(string)byte-stream" ! openh264enc ! h264parse ! qtmux ! filesink location=test.mp4 
    Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
    Pipeline is live and does not need PREROLL ...
    Setting pipeline to PLAYING ...
    New clock: GstSystemClock
    ** (gst-launch-1.0:8476): CRITICAL **: gst_video_info_set_format: assertion 'format != GST_VIDEO_FORMAT_UNKNOWN' failed
    ** (gst-launch-1.0:8476): CRITICAL **: gst_video_info_to_caps: assertion 'info->finfo->format != GST_VIDEO_FORMAT_UNKNOWN' failed
    (gst-launch-1.0:8476): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_event_new_caps: assertion 'caps != NULL' failed
    (gst-launch-1.0:8476): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_pad_push_event: assertion 'GST_IS_EVENT (event)' failed
    (gst-launch-1.0:8476): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_mini_object_unref: assertion 'mini_object != NULL' failed
    ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstRfbSrc:rfbsrc0: Internal data stream error.
    Additional debug info:
    gstbasesrc.c(3055): gst_base_src_loop (): /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstRfbSrc:rfbsrc0:
    streaming stopped, reason not-negotiated (-4)
    Execution ended after 0:00:00.697763210
    Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
    Setting pipeline to READY ...
    Setting pipeline to NULL ...
    Freeing pipeline ...

  • Hi,
    @SGaist I finally made this working pipeline :

    gst-launch-1.0 -v rfbsrc host=xx.xx.x.xx port=5900 password=passw view-only=true ! videoconvert !  openh264enc !  "video/x-h264, stream-format=(string)byte-stream" ! openh264dec !  autovideosink

    The remote gui is displayed in an internal GStreamer window .

    Now i only replace the autovideosink by filesink location=vid.mp4 to save the video to a file instead of displaying it.

    gst-launch-1.0 -v rfbsrc host=xx.xx.x.xx port=5900 password=passw view-only=true ! videoconvert !  openh264enc !  "video/x-h264, stream-format=(string)byte-stream" ! openh264dec !  filesink location=vid.mp4

    The video file is created (and not empty) but i can't play it with WindowsMediaPlayer or VLC
    I tryed filesink location=vid.h264 and enabled H264 Demuxer for VLC but still can't open the file.

    edit :
    In some exemples i can see that the last step before filesink is XXXXmux , but if i try

    gst-launch-1.0 -v rfbsrc host= port=5900 password=pa009v view-only=true ! videoconvert !  openh264enc  ! flvmux  !  filesink location=test.flv

    i get : WARNING: erroneous pipeline: could not link openh264enc0 to flvmux0

    Thank you for any suggestion

  • I added missing h264parse and mp4mux before writing to the file

    Now the pipeline looks like this :

    gst-launch-1.0 -v rfbsrc host=xx.xx.x.xx port=5900 password=passw view-only=true 
    !  videoconvert ! openh264enc bitrate=4096 
    ! "video/x-h264, stream-format=(string)byte-stream" 
    ! h264parse 
    ! mp4mux 
    ! filesink location=video.mp4  sync=false

    but the video file is still not 'playable'
    i read on github
    "Some muxers such as mp4mux write additional information to disk when they receive EOS. Without that extra information, the file is useless."

    so i try to pass -e instead of -v , the file is created and grows in size (still not playable), but when i press ctrl+c to stop i get this error :

    handling interrupt.Interrupt: Stopping pipeline ...EOS on shutdown enabled -- Forcing EOS on the pipeline
    Waiting for EOS...ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstRfbSrc:rfbsrc0: Error on setup VNC connection to host xx.xx.x.xx on port 5900Additional debug info:
    gstrfbsrc.c(524): gst_rfb_src_fill (): /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstRfbSrc:rfbsrc0
    An error happened while waiting for EOS
    Execution ended after 0:00:07.166707941
    Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
    Setting pipeline to READY ...
    Setting pipeline to NULL ...
    Freeing pipeline ...

    Now there is a probleme with the VNC connection ?

    I think no, because i did the same thing unsig tee and the connection looks ok, the stream is displayed, pressing ctrl+c i have the same output saying "Error on setup VNC connection to host..."

    tee version (stream is displayed / file created but not readable ) :

    gst-launch-1.0 -e rfbsrc host=xx.xx.x.xx port=5900 password=passw view-only=true
    !  videoconvert 
    ! tee name = t
    ! queue 
    ! openh264enc bitrate=4096  
    ! "video/x-h264, stream-format=(string)byte-stream"
    ! h264parse 
    ! mp4mux
    ! filesink location=video.mp4  sync=false 
    ! queue 
    ! autovideosink 

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    A silly question, did you try to read the file with gstreamer directly ?

  • @SGaist hi!
    Yes, i had that idea only this morning.. Everything works almost as expected.

    This will Display / Record :

    gst-launch-1.0 -e rfbsrc host=xx.xx.x.xx port=5900 password=passw view-only=true !  videoconvert !  tee name = t t. ! queue ! openh264enc bitrate=4096  ! "video/x-h264, stream-format=(string)byte-stream" ! h264parse ! mp4mux ! filesink location=capture.mp4  sync=false t. ! queue ! autovideosink 

    This will read the recorded .mp4 file

    gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri=file:///c:/users/lev/documents/VNC_CLIENT_Tests/capture.mp4

    So everything works, but the video quality/ framerate are very bad... if something happends on the remote pc i have to wailt 2~3 secondes before i see it. Even with the official Viewer. I Abandon this solution, unless someone has a trick to highly optimize this.

    My first solution with your QVNCClient (it is made by you right ?) works much better with 15 ips capture.
    Then i reconstruct a video combining the images (even if simetimes i have desync of maximum 1 sec)

    Thank you again for your valuable help !

    [edit: fixed link SGaist]

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Maybe another encoder could work better.

    No, QVNCClient is not from me, I just found it :)

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