Mixing Qt Mobility C++ and Declarative

  • Hello,

    is there a way to use both, c++ and qml together without reloading all the data?

    In my project the backend is mostly written in c++ and exposed to qml via qmlRegisterType(). The c++ backend has instances of QContact which I also want to expose to qml. The qml bindings for Qt Mobility are not exported nor have Q_INVOKABLE functions to set a existing QContact ( https://qt.gitorious.org/qt-mobility/qt-mobility/blobs/master/plugins/declarative/contacts/qdeclarativecontact_p.h#line92 ), so how am I supposed to use this? The qml bindings themselves don't offer a QContactManager equivalent, just models which can search the contact again (stupid if I already have a c++ instance).

    So Is there "the right way" to mix c++ and qml?

    PS: I could of course call the setContact() function of QDeclarativeContact since I know its position but this is the most evil way :)

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