Qt 5.12.0 QML iOS: QtQuick Dialogs "QtQuick.Dialogs.Private" is not installed

  • I have a cross platform project for Mac, PC, Android and iOS. With Qt 5.12, the following import produces a runtime error on my iOS project.

    import QtQuick 2.12
    import QtQuick.Dialogs 1.3

    I get the following error...

    qrc:/MyFile.qml:41 Type FileDialog unavailable
    qrc:/qt-project.org/imports/QtQuick/Dialogs/DefaultFileDialog.qml:44 module "QtQuick.Dialogs.Private" is not installed

    Previous versions of Qt seem to work fine. Doe anyone know of a work around?

    Any help would be most appreciated, thanks!

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    sadly, that's due to a inattention that was made for the 5.12 iOS preocmpiled libs, currently (5.12.0) QQuickControls 1, that includes Dialogs, are disabled.

    You have 3 options,

    • use 5.11.3
    • wait for 5.12.1 - I reported the issue and was told it will be fixed with the next update - it should be right around the corner
    • compile 5.12 form sources with QuickControlls 1 enabled

    If you decide on option 3 I'll provide div files from my current build, if you want them.

  • @J-Hilk Thanks for the quick reply!

    I might just wait for 5.12.1.
    Downgrading to 5.11.3 not an option because I want to build with iPhoneOS12.1.sdk for fullscreen iPad Pro 11 inch.

  • Confirmed fixed in QT 5.12.1

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