Deployment folder is not copying on Meego n950 device.

  • Following code to my project (.pro):
    folder_01.source = qml = qml
    Producing error on meego N950 device This is the compile output:
    make: Entering directory /d/QtProjects/Catcher/Catcher' Copying application data... make: Leaving directory/d/QtProjects/Catcher/Catcher'
    cp: cannot copy a directory, D:/QtProjects/Catcher/Catcher/qml', into itself,D:/QtProjects/Catcher/Catcher/qml/qml'
    make: *** [copydeploymentfolders] Error 1
    The process "D:\qtsdk\madde\bin\make.exe" exited with code 2.
    Error while building project Catcher (target: Harmattan)
    When executing build step 'Make'

    but its Running fine on my symbian device

  • Hi!

    I was having same problem but solved by changing following code in .pro file

    @folder_01.source = qml = qml
    DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS = folder_01@

    by the path to the main starting qml file. in my case ti was

    @folder_01.source = qml/qml = qml
    DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS = folder_01@

    If you tell about your folder structure then could help more specifically

    Thank you

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