Is there a way to know if a symbian application is running on the simulator or the device?

  • Hi to all,

    to manage the correct path of my application folder structure - including the folders created by the application - I use QDir getting the various special paths ad descibed in the documentation. To know what are the correct paths in a multi-platform environment I use a set of _#ifdef _checking the actual operating system i.e. Q_OS_MAC, Q_OS_SYMBIAN, Q_OS_LINUX etc.

    The problem occours when I run the applicaiton with the simulator under a Windows machine.

    While running on the device (so is defined Q_OS_SYMBIAN) the data folder is under the currentPath()/data when the application run on the simulator there are two important differences:

    Instead of Q_OS_SYMBIAN it is defined Q_OS_WIN32

    The data folder is not in a subdirectory where the application runs but is in the previous level folder.

    The best way to workaround to this difference is to know if there is a system define that I can check to know if the symbian application is running under the simulator environemnt or the symbian phisycal device.

    Someone knows if there is a solution ?

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