qtbase_*.qm is not mentioned in documents...

  • I was working on enabling i18n for my Qt apps when I noticed that the official documents is not enough to translate all Qt's orignal widgets. I also need qtbase_.qm together with qt_.qm.
    But why and what's the difference...

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    The "Internationalization with Qt" is explaining how to use the tools to extract and translate
    the user owns text and the whole process surrounding Internationalization and various cases for text use.

    The Qt builtin texts are inside so/DLL files and would not be extracted this way and its really an other process
    than focused on in that part of the manual.

    The use of qtbase_.qm / qt_.qm is more a matter of adding a new languages for the base Qt.
    But yes, it could be great if it was mention as last section.

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