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Dialog standardButtons don't obey QLocale::setDefault()

  • Hi,
    I have localized my app with linguist, following ```
    ekke's great blog. As for now, I am manually setting the Locale in the main.cpp:

    QLocale curLocale(QLocale("fr_FR"));
        translationEnforced = true;

    Everything works fine, but the dialog's standardButtons are not in French, but in German (my OS's language). Is there a way to override this?

    The Dialog is setup here (see screenshot below for result):

    import QtQuick 2.9
    import QtQuick.Controls 2.4
        Dialog {
            id: resetDialog
            title: qsTr("Reset scores")
            Text {
                id: resetWarning
                text: qsTr("Warning: do you really want to reset all scores?")
            standardButtons: Dialog.Yes + Dialog.No
            onAccepted: {

    0_1546523396257_Locale problem.png


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    Do you have that when running your application from Qt Creator ?
    What version of Qt ?
    What OS are you on ?

  • Hi and thanks for answering!
    That's a very interesting question. Yes, it happens on my desktop (Win10, 64bit), no matter if started by creator (Qt 11.2) or in a deployment folder. Funny: using it on my mobile (Android 9.0), my own stuff is still in the language I choose (like in the above screenshot), but the buttons are… English!

    I've meanwhile tried to find out, if adding one of Qt's translation files could do the trick, but I haven't had success yet. For starters, I don't know which of the many files would be appropriate.

    Could it be possible that I am witnessing a "native" dialog that does not have any link at all to Qt's language setting?

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    You can see how it's done here

  • @sgaist, thank you!

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