Qt 5.12: QAbstractItemModel::createIndex method input parameter

  • Hello,
    I use Qt for Python and subclassed QAbstractItemModel to create a model for my treeView. For the data structure I used nodes. Each node has a parent and a childList to represent the data structure.

    When I call the createIndex method I passed as the third argument the node itself, which worked fine. After upgrading from Qt for Python 5.11.2 to 5.12 it gives an error, that it expects other input parameter. Here is the error:

    TypeError: 'PySide2.QtCore.QAbstractItemModel.createIndex' called with wrong argument types:
    PySide2.QtCore.QAbstractItemModel.createIndex(int, int, Node)
    Supported signatures:
      PySide2.QtCore.QAbstractItemModel.createIndex(int, int, quintptr = 0)
      PySide2.QtCore.QAbstractItemModel.createIndex(int, int, void = nullptr)

    Can someone explain this?

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    PySide2 being pretty new, I would recommend asking this question on the dedicated mailing list. You'll find there PySide2's developers/maintainers. This forum is more user oriented.

  • Thanks for your answer. I wrote an email as you suggested...

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    Please, don't forget to update this thread with the result or post a link to the email conversation.

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