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Referencing to a QList from a QList<QList<x>> *

  • Hi!
    This is surely some kind of stupid question :)
    It is actually a C++ question, but I am getting confused with Qt's behaviour of myList->at(i) and myList[i] and (*myList)[i]

    // allNodeInstances = QList<QList<NodeInstance*>>*
    // so, allNodeInstances is a pointer to a 2D QList
    QList<NodeInstance*> l = (*allNodeInstances)[i];
    qDebug() << "l.length(): " << l.length();
    qDebug() << "(*allNodeInstances)[i].length(): " << (*allNodeInstances)[i].length();
    qDebug() << "l.length(): " << l.length();
    qDebug() << "(*allNodeInstances)[i].length(): " << (*allNodeInstances)[i].length();

    the output by running this code is

    l.length():  2
    (*allNodeInstances)[i].length():  2
    l.length():  1
    (*allNodeInstances)[i].length():  2

    So, what I actually want to do here is getting a reference to a QList from allNodeInstance-list (at index i).
    The documentation says that the &QList::operator[] returns a modifiable reference. But the output shows, that l isn't a right reference (cuz it doesn't change allNodeInstances).

    QList<NodeInstance*> l = allNodeInstances[i];

    causes the following error

    error: conversion from 'QList<QList<NodeInstance*> >' to non-scalar type 'QList<NodeInstance*>' requested
             QList<NodeInstance*> l = allNodeInstances[i];

    which is strange, because the [] operator already specifies the index ... surely because allNodeInstances is a pointer to a 2D QList. But if this doesn't work, I don't know, how to achieve what I need.
    So, question is as simple as that: how can I get a working reference to a QList from my 2D QList pointer?
    Thanks for answers!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Is is just paste mistake thats its not a reference ?

    QList<NodeInstance*> & l = allNodeInstances[i];

    note the &
    as the docs shows
    T &QList::operator[](int i)
    it returns ref to type T

  • @mrjj
    Oh yes, you are right, thank you!
    But using allNodeInstances[i] as the reference doesn't work, because it's just a pointer and I get an error, because the compiler still sees a 2D QList

    error: invalid initialization of reference of type 'QList<NodeInstance*>&' from expression of type 'QList<QList<NodeInstance*> >'
             QList<NodeInstance*> &l = allNodeInstances[i];

    so I need to do

    QList<NodeInstance*> &l = (*allNodeInstances)[i];

    and it works. I need to specity the new list as a reference (&) and I have to take the data where to pointer points to in order to access the actual lists.


    We can break it down to this:
    after this assignment

    test_struct *sp = new test_struct;

    these two are equal:

    sp->a = 12;
    (*sp).a = 12;

    So first option is

    QList<NodeInstance*> &l = (*allNodeInstances)[i];

    because there is no arrow with the [] operator, the data the pointer points to can only be accessed via the *
    and second (as @mrjj pointed out)

    QList<NodeInstance*> &l = allNodeInstances->operator [](i);

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    yes, sorry missed it was pointer to the outer list.
    so (*allNodeInstances)[i] should always be used.
    you could wrap it in a function for nicer look.

    Also its possible without deference it.
    but its not pretty


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