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Crash on qml Qt3D examples in Release Mode with mingw64

  • Hello, community.

    Recently I switched to Qt 5.12 all the company's programs in Windows platform. However, one of them uses qt3d with qt quick. Before this program ran with mingw (x86), but with this new version of Qt with mingw (x64), my program runs with this compiler but only in Debug mode, it crashes in Release mode.

    I think it was my mistake, but I tried the qt3d + qt quick examples but it happens the same phenomena. It runs with Debug and crashes with Release mode.

    Does Qt3d have support for mingw64 in qt 5.12? (The help is not very clear. It says "Microsoft Windows (win32) - Supported", but win64?)

    Windows 10 Version 1803 (compilation 17134.472)
    Qt 5.12

  • Hello oria66,
    I got the same problem (crash running Qt3D examples in release mode) using Qt5.10 and mingw720 64bits.
    Have you solved this issue?

  • @caroline-s . Nothing yet. I switched to MSVC, then it worked.

  • Hello,
    I'm facing the same problems, I'm now in 5.13 and all the examples related with Q3D, basic-shapes, wireframe...., crash in release mode for mingw 64bits. Did anyone find the solution for this?, it's a problem with a library ?

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