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Deploying Application with QtVirtualKeyboard

  • I'm trying to take my Qt Desktop Application and deploy it onto another Linux machine (it's a different build of Linux that I'm cross-compiling to) without Qt being installed on it. I've been referencing the documentation (linked below) for Linux deployment and QtVirtualKeyboard deployment but I'm getting lost in exactly what steps I even need to follow.

    As a note -- I am unable to use linuxdeployqt due to it being a GPL license.

    Since I'm able to run my application on my local dev machine and have the virtualkeyboard and application load just fine, I'm thinking I should be able to build my application statically as specified here and simply put the executeable on the other linux system and have it work just fine.

    The alternative is to copy over the necessary files that the QtVirtualKeyboard needs in order to function but I'm not quite sure how that would properly get linked with my application and seems like a more confusing/tedious solution but I'm not sure.

    Any help on this would be great, thank you.

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    Are you able to run the simple Qt program on different box ? Is that working fine ? You need to copy appropriate Qt Libraries & have appropriate soft links. You need to ensure that your virtual key board plugin is copied to under plugins/platforminputcontext directory.

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    @rgilio said in Deploying Application with QtVirtualKeyboard:

    As a note -- I am unable to use linuxdeployqt due to it being a GPL license.

    Why are you not allowed to run a GPL program? Especially since Qt VirtualKeyboard is GPL so your program must be GPL too.

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    Here's the license info. If you have a commercial license it's not a GNU license. I have a commercial license so my program is not GPL.

  • @dheerendra

    I'm working on checking all of the plugin libraries and I think I found my problem. I had to enable plugin debugging and it's failing to load because it cannot find the plugin xcb. So I copied over the to the other system but still ran into problems. The system I'm trying to get it running on is a 32-bit system but the is 64-bit. This also seems to be true for the in the /plugins/platforminputcontext.

    Now I'm wondering if there's a version of that's even 32-bit or if the qtvirtualkeyboard can be loaded onto 32-bit systems. I'm still looking into this part as this is something I overlooked.

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