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QToolTip artifacting

  • Hello,

    When using QToolTip, if I have a lot going on (such as hovering rapidly over a bunch of things that would generate QToolTips), I end up with partially closed QToolTip "artifacts" left on the screen, and they stay ontop of everything (regardless of which application has focus!) until I close my application.

    Is there a way around this? Is there some delay before I can show another QToolTip? This seems to happen more frequently on slower machines than it does faster machines.
    alt text
    The code I am using is very simple. I am catching a custom hover event, where I do a:

    QToolTip::showText(QCursor::pos(), "It starts with an earthquake.");

    And when I capture an unhover event, I do:


    I am using Qt 5.6.1, and developing on Windows 7. This is only really seen during Debug mode on my machine, but on our other machines that run the release candidates, they are running Windows 8.1 and it is also seen. It should be noted that their hardware is inferior to that I am developing on.

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    That seems a bit odd. Not seen that before.
    What platform/windows manger and Qt version ?
    Also do you have style sheet applied to it ?

  • Ah, I apologize! I am developing on Windows 7 using Qt 5.6.1, and the machines that run release candidates are running Windows 8.1.

    On my machine, the artifacting is only seen during debug and not when running in release.
    However, it is seen constantly on the release candidates when they are run on the Windows 8.1 machines. Those machines hardware specs are much lower than the development machines.

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    Would it be possible to make a small test program that can show this issue ?
    That way we can try to see if we can reproduce it.

    Would it be possible for you to do a test with say Qt 5.12 ? ( on the machine )

    I have not seen or heard of this before. Its a 100% normal tooltip, nothing
    been done to it ?

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