COM (DLL) ActiveQt

  • I'm trying to access functions in COM (dll file). I used dynamicCall() to make calls. But the out-parameters only work for int (and not e.g. QString). What am I doing wrong?!

    @//void GetVersionNumber (int&)
    QVariantList params; params.append(0);
    object->dynamicCall("GetVersionNumber(int&)", params);
    std::cout << "params = " << params[0].toInt() << std::endl; //returns 64. Great!

    //void GetInstSoftwareVersion (QString&)
    QVariantList params;
    ptr->dynamicCall("GetInstSoftwareVersion(QString &)", params);
    std::cout << "GetInstSoftwareVersion:sarray[0] = " << params[0].toString().toStdString() << std::endl; //returns "xx" and not e.g. "1.00" Why??? Driving me nuts!

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