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I want to apply the cine of series image inside my project?

  • I have a series of image loaded inside the viewport. Now, I want to take a button and when i click the button all the slices of series changing to FPS(frame per second). I dont have enough idea abot how to do this.
    I will used this code for move slider infinite time:-

    connect is used for tranfering the signal when button is pressed.

    connect(this->ui->m_cine, SIGNAL(pressed()), this, SLOT(AnimatedSlider()));

    this Function is the working function infinite loop:-

    void QtVTKRenderWindows::AnimatedSlider()
    QPropertyAnimation *animation = new QPropertyAnimation(slider, "sliderPosition");

    But i am getting problem like when i set the loop count to -1. It will goes to finite time

    Any help is considerable
    Thank you

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    One thing that is not good is that you are creating a new animation each time you call AnimatedSlider. You should likely create it once and only update its parameter and start it in AnimatedSlider.

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  • @SGaist Slider is moving but the problem is coming is once the slider reached to maximum point. then it will be stop .But i want to set the slider like that once it will reached to maximum point then again slider comes to the initial point.

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    So you should use something like:

    animation->setKeyValueAt(0, slider->minimum());
    animation->setKeyValueAt(0.5, slider->maximum());
    animation->setKeyValueAt(1, slider->minimum());

    and remove the setStartValue and setEndValue calls.

  • @SGaist i am getting the slider movement.. open more problem comes is .. when i will moving the cine in loop by increasing the slider one by oen but it will be move not one by one. How to fix this

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    I don't understand that statement. Can you rephrase it or show an example of what is happening ?

  • @SGaist On button click slider move like cine play . but every slice of image not show .Like it will skip slice of image .
    I am taking the trigger signal when the move

    connect(sliter, SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)), SLOT(slider_Event(int)));

    And i am invoking the signal here.when the slider is move from one slice to another slice.

     void QtVTKRenderWindows::slider_Event(int index)
    int pos =slider->sliderPosition();
    RadSpaViewer->m_VtkImageSlicing(pos, 2);

    this function is work for displaying the next slice


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    Is the slider max value accurate ?

  • @SGaist yes we are taking the series minimum and maximum value and fixed it here


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    What are these values ?

  • @SGaist Series minimum value is (minimumSliderValue) and maximum value is (maximumSliderValue) . Like total how many slice are there inside the series. For example series has 52 slices then minimumSliderValue = 0, and maximumSliderValue = 52.

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    Did you set the singleStep to 1 ?

    Also, did you check the value you receiving in that slot ?

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