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How to set access rights in folders with the Qt Installer Framework

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to use the Installer Framework on Windows to install my app to "C:\Program Files\My Company\MyApp".
    And my App uses some config files (read and write) in "C:\ProgramData\My Company\MyApp", so I want to create this folder and set the access rights.

    No I have the problem, that the folder should remain, even after uninstalling the software.

    1. This is working, but the folder is deleted during uninstall.

      var dataDir = "C:\ProgramData\My Company\MyApp";
      component.addOperation( "Mkdir", dataDir );
    2. This does not work in any configuration, I even tried without spaces in the folder name.

      var dataDir = "C:\ProgramData\My Company\MyApp";
      component.addOperation( "Execute", "mkdir " + dataDir, "UNDOEXECUTE" );
      // or this one
      component.addOperation( "Execute", "mkdir", dataDir, "UNDOEXECUTE" );

      I get the following errors:

      • Cannot start: "mkdir C:\ProgramData\My Company\MyApp": Process Failed to start: No such file or directory
      • Cannot start: "mkdir C:\ProgramData\My_Company\MyApp": Process Failed to start: No such file or directory
    3. I also tried a batch file to call mkdir, and this is working. But I want to know if there is a better way from inside the installer to create a folder with spaces in the folder name, which is not beeing deleted during uninstall?


  • I found part of a solution myself.
    This is working when the folder name does not contain spaces.

    installer.executeDetached( "cmd", "/C mkdir C:\\ProgramData\\My_Company\\MyApp", "@TargetDir@" );

    A solution with spaces is still required.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @stvokr You need to put the path into "" to make sure it works with paths containing spaces.

    installer.executeDetached( "cmd", "/C mkdir \"C:\\ProgramData\\My_Company\\MyApp\"", "@TargetDir@" );

  • @jsulm I forgot to mention, that I already tried masking the quotes. That did not work.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @stvokr According to https://doc.qt.io/qtinstallerframework/scripting-installer.html#executeDetached-method it is actually not needed: "Windows: Arguments that contain spaces are wrapped in quotes.".
    There is something you're doing wrongly I think. Take a look at this:

    boolean executeDetached(string program, stringlist arguments = undefined, string workingDirectory = "")

    The parameters must be passed as a string list. You're passing all parameters as one string.

  • @jsulm Hi, if I pass the parameters a string list

    installer.executeDetached( "cmd", "/C", "mkdir", "My_Complany", "C:\\ProgramData\\" ) );

    the InstallationLog.txt tells me,

    "run application as detached process: "cmd" ("/C") "mkdir"

    and that the operation has returned false. So the given parameter "My_Company" has somehow not been passed.

  • So, finally, I got a solution (even 2 solutions):

    installer.executeDetached( "cmd", ["/C", "mkdir", "C:\\ProgramData\\My Company\\MyApp"], "C:\\ProgramData" );

    With this trick even the addOperation() function works fine:

    component.addOperation( "Execute", "cmd", ["/C", "mkdir", C:\\ProgramData\\My Company\\MyApp"] );

    I think this is closed.

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