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Qt5Glib-2.0 vs libqt5glib-2.0-0 Ubuntu Qt 5.12.0

  • Hi,

    I'm working on a code from github and trying to rebuild the app. I'm fixing dependencies one by one and I'm struck at Qt5Glib-2.0.
    QT Creator says to run the app it needs "Qt5Glib-2.0" but when I tried installing it Ubuntu says
    "selecting 'libqt5glib-2.0-0' for regex 'Qt5Glib-2.0'
    libqt5glib-2.0-0 is already the newest version (1.2.0-5)"

    Since its already installed why is it asking for it? I have rebooted multiple times. Can anyone help me on this? I'm pretty new to QT so not sure what workarounds are available. Is there are way to manual link the libraries in QT?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    How are you linking against it ?
    What linux distribution are you using ?

    Note that Qt5Glib is not an official Qt5 module, it come from the GStreamer folks.

  • @Thanks a lot SGaist. I'm using Ubuntu and was working on Qt Creator. I was trying to get this Android Auto Head-unit to compile in Ubuntu so that I can make changes to it but it just wouldn't. I had tough time finding out what is wrong and now I have abandoned that thing.

    Instead I'm compiling directly in RPi; having better luck in compiling but still the app is not working as intended. I have asked the owner itself how to compile it as he had made lot of changes recently and the compile instructions don't match up.

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    Ok, then please don't forget to update the thread once you have more information :)

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