Shortcut that starts from a StandardKey but requires an extra modifier?

  • The first two actions work nicely. But the last two action don't. I'm not completely sure why.

    Action {
        id: zoomInOnXAxis
        text: qsTr("Zoom In On X-Axis")
        shortcut: StandardKey.ZoomIn
        onTriggered: console.log("Zoom In On X-Axis")
    Action {
        id: zoomOutOnXAxis
        text: qsTr("Zoom Out On X-Axis")
        shortcut: StandardKey.ZoomOut
        onTriggered: console.log("Zoom Out On X-Axis")
    Action {
        id: zoomInOnYAxis
        text: qsTr("Zoom In On Y-Axis")
        shortcut: qsTr("Ctrl+Alt+Plus")
        onTriggered: console.log("Zoom In On Y-Axis")
    Action {
        id: zoomOutOnYAxis
        text: qsTr("Zoom Out On Y-Axis")
        shortcut: qsTr("Ctrl+Alt+Minus")
        onTriggered: console.log("Zoom Out On Y-Axis")

    How can I get them to work? Is it perhaps possible to define a shortcut that is something along the lines of StandardKey.ZoomIn+Alt?

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