Qt 5.9 with Wayland IVI Extension

  • I run a simple Qml application in Wayland IVI Extension (Weston 5.0) with following console commands,

    user@$ layer-add-surfaces 1 10
    QT_WAYLAND_SHELL_INTEGRATION=ivi-shell ./simple –platform wayland

    Then my application become visible but I can’t set its positon or to say can’t reposition window and no matter what x and y value are set in Qml, application always open at (0,0) position.
    But there is way to position window by ILM console commends, so if size of window 200 x 200 and I want to position it at (50, 50) and surface id of app is 1234, then

    user@$ LayerManagerControl set surface 1234 destination region 50 50 200 200

    By this console commend window will be re-positioned to (50, 50)

    After doing all this things I have few questions,

    1. Does Qt5.9 supports Wayland IVI extension,
    2. If Qt support Wayland IVI extension then how to use inbuilt support and in that case window should repositioned according to x and y.
    3. If Qt doesn’t support Wayland IVI extension, then what is Qt IVI ? And In that case what I have to develop to enable ILM interaction through Qt itself rather than using ILM console commends?
    4. Or what is correct way of doing Qt programming in Wayland IVI Extension.

    These is also a qt official page at https://doc.qt.io/qt-5.11/qtwaylandcompositor-attribution-wayland-ivi-extension-protocol.html

    What this page explains and how to use it?

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    I'd recommend bringing this question to the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers. This forum is more user oriented.

  • I posted here to get answer from Qt developers those are also working in Wayland IVI Extension and question get replied quickly on forum.

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    As already written, this is a user forum. Most people answering are not Qt developers but developers using Qt.

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