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How can I let users use control + + for zoom in and control + - for zoom out?

  • The problem is that + and - share keys with different characters on different keyboard language layouts. On some layouts a shift modifier is required to generate the + sign, but when the control modifier is pressed, the shift modifier seems to have no effect.

    The code below for example works on a Swedish keyboard layout, but not on US/UK keyboard layouts where the + is generated with shift + =.

    Keys.onPressed: {
        if (event.modifiers & Qt.ControlModifier) {
            if (event.key === Qt.Key_Minus) {
                event.accepted = true
            } else if (event.key === Qt.Key_Plus) {
                event.accepted = true

    This has been tested on Mac.

    I would like to find a general solution that works on all keyboard layouts.

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    Instead of Key.onPressed use Shortcut and its sequence property :

    Shortcut {
        sequence: StandardKey.ZoomIn
        onActivated: zoom(true)

    Your issue is mentionned in this section of the QKeySequence documentation.

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