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Adding rcc file to Android Tablet

  • Hi there, I am trying to run a large video file as an rcc file embedded in an application that runs on an Android tablet. The problem is, I'm unsure as to how/where to put the rcc file given that the application runs on the tablet.

    I've tried putting the rcc file on the actual tablet and registering the path to the rcc file in qt like so:


    And in the qml, given it the path to the qrc file:

    MediaPlayer {
                id: qdv
                source: "../video/video/"
                autoPlay: true

  • Qt Champions 2017

    I'm assume that you are building the separate rcc file & trying to bundle external file. Did you create the templates for Android projects ? Did you try with assets folder for android ?

  • I have not, what do you mean by create templates for Android projects?

  • Qt Champions 2017

    Above steps creates the manifest file. Once you do this, it will create addition folders for you to have manifest file, assets, sources etc. Can you check that ?

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