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Qt for WebAssembly and Progressive Web Apps?

  • Hello everybody,

    Thank you for having me on the forum! I have just dicovered Qt and it looks very promising for whatr I am trying to develop.

    I am planning to build an application that runs on a Linux server but should be accessed via the WEB browser across all platforms and devices. While I was reading anout Qt for WebAssembly the following question came to my mind:

    Is it possible to create a web application with Qt for WebAssembly and configure it as a PWA? Does this even make sense?

    Thx in advance!


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    I don't know the answer to your question, but from the description I think you'll find Qt WebGL streaming plugin interesting.

    In short, it works like this:

    • application runs on server
    • GUI is sent to a web browser
    • user interaction is sent back to server for processing

  • Thank you for your input. It looks that there is no multi-user support for Qt WebGL streaming. However, this is inevitable for the planned application.

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