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Cannot download Qt 5.12

  • This extremely frustrating and annoying. Wanted to learn Qt but wasted half day trying to download Qt5.12 - still without success. I'm in Thailand and cannot change repository it always try to download from why the hell it try to keep downloading from this china even when changed to other from ? This chinease server always keep giving me "server replied: Not Found" after 1 sec every time I hit "Retry" button". Really frustrating experience for someone who want to learn Qt. All those repositories page also not up to date and hard to check which one has up to date Qt version.

  • @Patryk

    Yesterday the new Qt5.12 was released. Perhaps that is the reason that too many people are trying to download at the moment.

    Personally I am simply being patient a couple of days before trying to download.

    Concerning the server this might have something to do with which part of the world you are trying to download. Some countries might restrict respectively channel internet access.

    You can try to use the offline installer

  • @koahnig this offline installer doesn't work redirects to the same stupid chinese server. Why there is no easy way to choose mirror? It's obvious china have great firewall so why it force my to download from chinese server when in thailand.

  • @Patryk

    This is outside of my experience. I am typically not caring about download sites. Furthermore, I download from Europe too.

    I have checked some of the Asian entries of the list you are referencing above. The http link for Vietnam seems to be dead.
    From Europe I can access Japan

    or the offline installers

    I have simply opened the http link from the list and navigated to these folders.

  • I worked around by adding this to my /etc/hosts (System32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows) file-

    (basically points to a different location)

  • I worked around to get proper offline link installer by using Opera VPN so it can redirect me and feed me link to mirror from germany:

    However I guess it's still not full installer if I want to develop for iOS or Android (it was jus 3.5GB)? I tried to add components using MaintenanceTool but now it screams "At least one valid and enabled repository required for this action to succeed." I tried to use previously posted link but figuring out what's the correct link structure and where is Updates.xml file is not fun - especially for someone who is new to Qt. This geolocation IMHO is a bad design without letting user to choose mirror from predefined list as an option.

  • @Patryk

    The size of the download seems to be alright. However, I am not sure what targets are in those offline installers,since i never use them. I doubt that those are usable for an update of an existing installation. You probably have to do a new installation.

    I was having the impression that you have to do a complete new install. When you have already an existing installation based on an online installer, I would suggest to wait a bit until the major run to update is over. As explained before, I am simply waiting a couple of days because probably the download resources are at the edge at the moment.

    With the online installer you shall be able to pick a specific repository for update, The only repository link I found was for older versions.

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