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Test setup for tests that require events?

  • I need to test QNetworkRequest objects, or the usage thereof. I am not sure exactly of what happens under the hood as far as events go.

    The questions:
    Do I need an event loop to test the networking system?
    Is there a test setup for event based testing?

    The default test setups seem to be very basic and do not provide event loops, that I can tell. At least in Qt 5.9.7. We are running Qt Creator 4.7.2 if that makes any difference. I originally ran into an issue trying to test QTimer. It would not function in tests with no event loop.

  • The act of typing the question out helped me know what to do. If I want to test events I should run the event loop myself by calling QCoreApplication::processEvents() in my test. Yes, it was sort of obvious.

    Thanks for your help! Hopefully this will help someone else.

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