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Qt Designer skips break points.

  • Hello community!
    I am new to Qt and especially new to Qt Designer. Currently experiencing an issue with debugging. If I am running an example from its original location and performing breakpoints tracing then things work fine. But once I move the same example elsewhere (cleaning it up and changing paths) then break point tracing stops to work. Moreover. If to debug an example the breakpoints are ignored but when execution returns from e.g. QDialog::show then yellow error appears in the left showing current execution position.
    Another case: if to create a shallow Qt Widgets QDialog based application at an arbitrary location then break points tracing does not work at all.
    What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?

  • In addition to stated above: the code under debug is not interrupted by previously set breakpoints. But on the other side once the debug was started and target application is currently running the button "Start debugging of 'Proj'" (0_1544101003774_222738b1-06e6-421c-8f10-12c8e2c6709e-image.png ) changed to "Interrupt CDB for 'Proj'"(0_1544101109355_11363900-afaa-4396-939c-20cc3305ba3b-image.png ). Application waits for user input an debugger waits for debug events. If to push to 0_1544101174450_5e578ea3-6084-4593-989d-fab7befaaaac-image.png the it changes to "Continue CDB for 'Proj'"(0_1544101240403_9da2f283-202c-454e-a30f-0afe7f9ad00c-image.png ) and current step position yellow arraow appears. So as the result debugger works - just skipping break points. Moreover when debugger switches to step-bystep state if to push Step(F10) then code view falls to disasm.
    Any ideas?

  • If to configure en example at its original location. Move another arbitrary location and debug then everything works. But if to configure from scratch or create a new project - then not.

  • Ok.... this issue is related to improper system condition. On clean system everything works fine.

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