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[Solved] Problem with non-flickable list inside a flickable page

  • Hi to all,

    I have a strange behavior that means a bug of Qt (using SDK1.1.3 + Qt 4.7.4 + Creator 2.3.0)

    I have created a list of simple text links: it is a variable broup of buttons that should appear at the top of all the other elements of a pge. Thus the page is set as flickable while the list has set interactive: false.

    As the list is complex I have created three separate QML documents: MyListItem.qml, MyListModel.qml and MyList.qml (that defines the list with the other two elements).

    If I leave the list flickable by default and insert the list definition document in a non-flickable page at the bottom of some object all works fine.

    Introducing the same definition in a page that includes a long set of elements included in a Item set as flickable it doesn't work.

    I have searched a lot for some kind of strange bug but in the other page the same few lines of code to include MyList.qml works fine. In the flickable page there are no errors and nothing is show.

    As the last try - to check one component at a time - I inserted the three separate documents the define MyList in the flickable page and the list is shown.

    Any ideas or suggestion? Someone has experienced a problem like this ?

  • To close this note: I confirm that this bug creates a lot of problems managing a situation as described below. The final solution adopted is the usage of a column of objects instead a list.

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