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How to import the new `QtQuickTemplates2` and `QtQuickShapes` modules in 5.12?

  • I find that there are some new QtQuick modules availiable in header(c++ aslide), and try to import them, the header files can not be found:

    #include <QtQuickTemplates2/private/qquickbutton_p.h>
    #include <QtQuickShapes/private/qquickshape_p.h>

    Qt 5.12rc2 with VS2017 15.9.3

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    Private headers are private for a reason!

    If you do want to include them, however, you need to add relevant private modules to QT variable in qmake:

    QT += qml qml-private quick quick-private quickcontrols2 quickcontrols2-private

    I'm not sure if that'll work, but it might.

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