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QT Installer Framework - Where to start with additional installation steps?

  • Hi @all,

    I'm playing around with the Installer Framework and after reading the documentation up and down I'm just struggling with the following problem: I need to install an additional package into a separate, always fixed directory. So far this is working as described on this example. But the point is, I need to do some preparation steps before the installation like creation of a backup or wipe out some obsolete old files but I can't find a hint on how to do this. How could this be implemented?

    I already tried to add a copy step before the line component.addOperation("Extract", archive, "@TargetDir@/extractToAnotherPath"); but this line never seems to be executed.

    In general I miss a more detailed documentation on how the installer scripting is working in detail. Any link to some kind of HowTo or Tutorial is much appreciated!

    Thx a lot in advance,

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