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How to build a Qt project and its library developed with VisualStudio ?

  • Hi all,

    I have developed a Qt/QML application and the whole compiling/deployment process is handle by qmake under Jenkins.

    Now, I have to use a thirdparty library developped by my colleagues in C++ under VisualStudio.

    I'm not an expert of qmake and I wonder how to monitor the build of lib with VisualStudio ?


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    @Karim What do you mean by monitor? Are you trying to build the visual studio library as part of your build process or just consume a prebuilt one?

    If you are trying to build it one of my suggestions is to use cmake instead of qmake. cmake is completely compatible with native support for Qt. Once I found cmake I haven't used qmake since. It's that much better.

    Anyway if you decide to use cmake there are a number of ways to both build and consume your 3rd party library. You can add as an external project or just set it as a dependency on your target.

    If you are trying to build and want to stick with qmake I'll let someone else chime in on answers since I'm really rusty on qmake having not used it in like a decade. :) If you're curious about cmake I could help you port your qmake to cmake though.

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