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Old XTVFS reader project build

  • Hello, I'm new here, could find a newbie forum so here I am in the deep end!

    I'm trying to debug and compile an old XTVFS project.

    It uses an unusual file system that works on PVR's

    Hoping to debug and compile it to use. It's not my project, found it on sourceforge.

    I have 16.04 32-Bit Ubuntu and QT 5.


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    @David-McMahon Hi!
    Do you have a specific Qt related question?

  • Well, hoping for help getting this old project complied. Really I'm hoping someone can compile this for me, so I can see how to fix the bugs.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What exactly is your problem ?

    The project itself builds with Qt 5.12 on macOS.

  • I'm so glad it builds for you. It means I'm doing something wrong. (often the case)

    I get four build errors

    /home/david/Downloads/xtvfs-code-r2-trunk/filesystem.cpp:-1: In member function 'bool fs::Xtvfs::copyVideoFile(const string&, size_t, long long unsigned int)':

    /home/david/Downloads/xtvfs-code-r2-trunk/filesystem.cpp:796: error: 'errno' was not declared in this scope
    cout << "Writing error: " << ret << " " << errno << endl;

    /home/david/Downloads/xtvfs-code-r2-trunk/filesystem.cpp:-1: At global scope:

    /home/david/Downloads/xtvfs-code-r2-trunk/filesystem.cpp:26: warning: 'void dumpBlock(std::ostream&, const ByteArray&, unsigned int, unsigned int)' defined but not used [-Wunused-function]
    static void dumpBlock(ostream &s, const Fat32::ByteArray &block, unsigned int wrap = 16, unsigned int pad = 4)

    This sadly means little to me. I'm so pleased it does build for you. Perhaps I should borrow a mac to test?

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    Can you provide more infos about your system ?

    I compiled it using an "old" KDE-Neon which is based on Ubuntu 16.04 and it build successfully.

  • @David-McMahon said in Old XTVFS reader project build:

    /home/david/Downloads/xtvfs-code-r2-trunk/filesystem.cpp:-1: At global scope:

    I think my Distro is/was broken as I let it update to 18.04 and built better

    I'm confused at this point so will start again

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