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Qt creator 2.3.0 don't compile the debug library for Symbian

  • Hi to all,

    someone knows what i can to to compile the library for QML debug? I have installed the new Qt Creator 2.3.0 as part of the last Qt SDK 1.3 in a fresh Windows 7 installation.

    The project is symbian^3 4.7.3 and with two devices to test the application: E7-00 and C7-00. CODA is the version 4.0.23 included with Qt Creator and the devices connects well from the Wlan.

    To debug QML/JS in the Tools/Options menu I set under the Qt4 section the debug options: the first message was that the device environment was not set for debug so I have setup in the project section of the Qt Creator project the link of the QML/JS debug library. This require as described in the documentation a one-time library compilation. In the last tag at the bottom of the projects section I open the details and I try to compile the library (there is the button "build") and after that build start running for a while I received the message that build failed.

    Is there some procedure step that I have missed ?

    Many thanks.

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