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Mac specific scrolling flag in QWidget creation

  • I'm working to convert a huge legacy product to use Qt. For our first pass through this conversion, we need to leave our drawing code in it's legacy format and just migrate our GUI (dialogs, menus, toolbars, etc.) As such, we will have Qt create a QWidget to draw our content into. Then we will use QWindow::winId() to obtain native window handles and from that derive the drawing contexts we need to render to the view directly.

    To achieve smooth scrolling on Mac, our legacy code relies on setting the compatibleWithResponsiveScrolling property on the NSView at creation. So, does anyone know if Qt offers a way to effectively set this flag through its QWidget/QWindow object APIs or flags? Alternately, does anyone know if this property always set for all QWidget/QWindows on Mac?


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    Checking the cocoa QPA, no, this interface is not implemented at all.

  • Thank you @SGaist. Unfortunate to hear, we'll have to work around that. Thanks for your help.

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