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QtQuick App crashe - Qt 5.11.x MSVC-2017 Static build

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    We have build Qt 5.11.x. using MSVC-2017. Qt build was successful. Kit is configured in Qt creator. Kit configuration, compiler, qmake everything is fine.

    1. I create default Qt Widgets application - Build is fine. Application runs. No issues.
    2. I create default Qt Quick Application - Build is fine. Application does not run. It just crashes.

    Any hints on why Qt Quick Application crashes with Qt 5.11.x static build ?

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    If you build the application from Qt Creator using static kit, it will not work. Build the app from command line.

    1. Set the VC environment variables(check vcvars.bat x86 and run it)
    2. qmake
    3. nmake

    Now it will build and run.

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