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Image From Memory to QLabel as Pixmap

  • Hi, i have two variables :

    uint8_t jpegData 
    uint32_t jpegDataLen

    When i want to write a jpeg file under a directory, i am using these two variables that coming from an external DLL. And i got the JPEG file correctly.

    But when i try to show this jpeg data from memory, program getting crashed. Here's what i am doing:

    first try:

    QImage image;
    image.loadFromData((char *)array[i].jpegMugData, array[i].jpegMugDataLen, "JPG");

    second try:

    QBuffer buffer;
    QDataStream in(&buffer);
    QImage image;
    buffer.setData((char*)array[i].jpegMugData, array[i].jpegMugDataLen);;
    in >> image;

    both ways causes to program crash. Like i said when i used these two variables to write jpeg file under a directory there is no problem. What should i do? What am i missing?

  • @R_Irudezu said in Image From Memory to QLabel as Pixmap:

    uint8_t jpegData

    This is a single byte. If jpegDataLen>1 it's normal for it to crash.
    You need to allocate the buffer beforehand. QByteArray helps in these cases

  • @VRonin Yes you're right. I did some minor changes on code and it's now being allocating and there is no crash. But still nothing to display over imageLabel. I suppose because of jpg decoding. How to handle it....

    Edit: it's ok now.

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