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How to implement a filling-space QAction's icon?

  • Firstly, please take a look at the qt-creator's filling-space QAction's icon,


    I draw a svg file, just as the below,


    I used it as a QAction's icon, but when I ran my program, it looked that the icon didn't fill the space apparently.


    The codes is as below,

    QMenu* languagesMenu = menuBar->addMenu(tr("Languages"));
    connect(languagesMenu, &QMenu::triggered, this, &MainWindow::changeLanguageSlot);
    languagesMenu->addAction(QIcon(":/images/dot_hover.svg"), tr("(System Language)"));
    languagesMenu->addAction(tr("Simplified Chinese"));

    Why? Could someone give me any advice?

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    Question not very clear. Do you want the ICON or highlighter ?

  • @dheerendra ICON,The reason to move the mouse back and forth, just a habit, sorry for that.

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    I can see ICON in your UI. So what is the issue ?

  • @dheerendra Take a careful comparison between the pic1's icon and pic3's icon (the icons refer to the ones with blue background-color), the pic3's icon didn't fill all the space.

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    You are specifying only one ICON. Where is the pic3 icon ? I did not see the code to set the pic3 icon.

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    @Limer The blue rectangle in your first picture is not from the icon. It is the background of a checkable action when it is checked. The icon is actually smaller than that. It just has a transparent background so you can't see it.
    To get the same effect just make the background of your icon transparent and leave only the black dot.

    QAction* act = languagesMenu->addAction(QIcon(":/images/dot_hover.svg"), tr("(System Language)"));

    Btw. a dot is not a very good choice of icon for language setting. It looks more like a radio button. For language I would suggest something like a speech bubble or some letters.

  • @Chris-Kawa Yes, you are right, thanks very much.

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