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Typing 's' in QtCreator triggers some function

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    Something weird is happening with my QtCreator (v4.7.1) , after I run "Build" command and the "Issues" screen gets activated, and the 'S' key bound to some function which goes to previous Issue in the list and opens the Makefile. I would understand this if the "Issues" window were active, but the unthinkable is, if I switch to the editor and type the 'S' key there, the same thing happens. So, after running "Build" for the first time, I am unable to edit my source code anymore, because whenever I type 'S' key, the editor is replaced with Makefile file.

    How can I fix this?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Thats a new :)
    Have you check if somehow s is bound to something ?
    alt text
    You could try to press REset All if you didnt add your own bindings.

    Also does this happened with a new project ?
    Also check your profile. the issues suggest you have included the same files multiple times.

  • @mrjj
    you are right! it was there, the plain 's' without modifiers

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    super. One can only wonder how on earth, it was changed.
    Maybe some sort of slight error in config file.

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