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Nearly black QPixmap from QImage when using a converted 16-bit image

  • I have the following code which works perfectly well on 8-bit grayscale images (OpenCV for loading):

    auto image = cv::imread(current_imagepath.toStdString(), cv::IMREAD_UNCHANGED|cv::IMREAD_ANYDEPTH);
    auto display_image = image.clone();
    QImage::Format format = QImage::Format_Grayscale8;
    QImage qi(, display_image.cols, display_image.rows, format);"temp_qimage.png");
    // Do other stuff to display the pixmap etc.

    I've added the calls to save for debugging. I then tried to do the same for a 16-bit image, scaled to 8-bit.:

    if(image.elemSize() == 2){
        // Basic 16-bit crush
        double minval, maxval;
        cv::minMaxIdx(image, &minval, &maxval);
        double range = maxval-minval;
        double scale_factor = 255.0/range;
        display_image -= minval;
        display_image *= scale_factor;
        display_image.convertTo(display_image, CV_8U);

    The resulting QImage is still saved correctly, but the pixmap is now uniform dark grey (everything gets set to an intensity of 29 - not sure if it's different for every picture). I also tried saving with OpenCV and running a histogram, the conversion is definitely an 8-bit image.

    Is there something missing here? As far as I can tell there's no difference between me loading an 8-bit image vs a 16-bit image and converting.



    (The raw is a tiff file, which the forum won't let me upload).

    EDIT: I've had a play and it seems that if I generate a QImage manually, converting it to a QPixmap fails. For example:

    QImage MainWindow::convert16(const cv::Mat &source){
        short* pSource = reinterpret_cast<short*>(;
        QImage dest(512, 640, QImage::Format_RGB32);
        int pixelCounts = dest.width() * dest.height();
        double minval, maxval;
        cv::minMaxIdx(source, &minval, &maxval);
        double range = maxval-minval;
        double scale_factor = 255.0/range;
        uchar* pDest = dest.bits();
        for (int i = 0; i < pixelCounts; i++)
            uchar value = 255; //(uchar) (*(pSource) - minval)*(255.0/range);
            *(pDest++) = value;  // B
            *(pDest++) = 0;  // G
            *(pDest++) = 0;  // R
            *(pDest++) = 0;      // Alpha
       return dest;

    the code has been modified to produce a completely blue image, but the pixmap (e.g. pixmap.fromImage(convert16())) is still black. On the other hand, this works:

    QTemporaryDir dir;
    if (dir.isValid()) {

    So I'm at a loss why converting straight to a pixmap fails.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Might be a silly question but is it a typo: pixmap.fromImage(convert16()) since the parameter is missing ?

    Why not use the cv::Mat size to create your QImage at the correct size ?

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