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QTCreator Application Icon

  • Hello,
    i try to set application icon but it doesn't work.

    What i did :

    -I have create ressource.rc file and add :


    -I have push gear.ico in the .pro folder :

    -And my .pro file :

    What is the problem ? My application icon don't change.
    Thanks advanced for the help.

    [EDIT: code formatting, Volker]

  • add line to end of your .pro file:
    @win32:RC_FILE = ressource.rc@

  • Nothing has changed.

  • For what it's worth, I have in my .rc file:

    DI_ICON1 ICON DISCARDABLE "application.ico"

    Note, that it's DI_ICON1, not IDI_ICON1 (the first I is superfluous).

  • I'm creating a secondary window and showing it using showFullScreen, and it's ALT-TAB icon is the generic app icon. Using IDI_ICON1 instead of DI_* fixes that, and appears to work everywhere else as well. I'm actually using both, since I'm trying to maintain functionality across Windows platforms from XP to 8.

  • You can set an app for Qt application in code. No .rc files needed, and all further windows will automatically inherit this icon.

    My solution:

    @// in main.cpp
    QApplication a(argc, argv);

    #ifndef APPLE

    On OS X program crashes on a.setWindowIcon line ( that's why preprocessor directives). As I know, you need to use apple ico format, but i didn't test it in theory ( I worked on friends macbook back then ).

  • Yeah, I think Jake is Right... Try By using and write us whether it works or not.


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