Chinese font issue with Qt 4.8.4 under CE 6

  • I installed Simplified Chinese on Win CE6 successfully.
    I can properly see Chinese text inside a txt document on Win CE 6.

    I developed a test application in Qt where I use Roboto Condensed font for latin symbols. As far as I know, this font doesn't contain Chinese symbols (but I can be wrong).

    When I build my application for desktop, Chinese symbols are displayed properly; maybe some kind of "font substitution" (font fallback) or another Qt mechanism takes place.

    When I build my application for Win CE 6, Chinese symbols are shown as squares.

    From Qt documentation, the following code

    QFontDatabase fontDB;

    returns a sorted list of the available writing systems. This is list generated from information about all installed fonts on the system.

    On my Win7 desktop QFontDatabase::SimplifiedChinese appears in the list.

    On Win CE6 it doesn't appear even if I installed Simplified Chinese.

    As a consequence,

    • even if fontDB.families() returns a list containing SimSun both on my desktop and on Win CE6

    • fontDB.families(QFontDatabase::SimplifiedChinese) returns SimSun on my desktop and an empty list on Win CE6

    I searched inside Qt resources and I found topics on issues similar to this one: I found some suggestions, but none of them works for me.

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    What did you try ?
    What result did you get ?
    Did you consider updating your Qt version to the latest version of available of the 4 series (4.8.7) ?

  • Hi,

    I installed SimSun font on Win CE 6 and I can see Chinese symbols inside a txt document on Win CE 6.
    I installed my Qt application, but Chinese symbols are shown as empty squares. If I compile the same application for Desktop target, Chinese fonts are shown properly.
    This is why I investigated QFontDatabas.

    I've been investigating if I can update Qt to 4.8.7.
    Iìm not sure if this requires an update to SDK for the specific target too.

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    Did you add the font to QFontDatabase ?

  • No I didn't, because fontDB.families() returns a list containing SimSun font both on my desktop and on Win CE6.
    Is it necessary adding it explictly to QFontDatabase?

  • I was able to fix the issue.
    It was necessary to configure Font Linking for Roboto Condensed font as described here.

    On Desktop this configuration is not necessary.

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    Glad you found out and thanks for sharing !

    Since you have it working now, please mark the thread as solved using the "Topic Tools" button so that other forum users may know a solution has been found :)

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