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ODBC: Oracle 9i; client 11g: Problem with trimming ends of long strings

  • I have a problem when selecting table's records. An environment is:

    • DB server: oracle 9i server release 2 for Unix, database is in RUSSIAN_CIS.CL8MSWIN1251 encoding (8-bit)
    • ODBC plugin default from Qt 4.7.3, ODBC version default from Windows 7
    • Client PC Windows 7 (x32), oracle client version 11.2, application uses UTF-8 encoding (16-bit)
    • DB table's field is VARCHAR2 (31 byte)

    So, the problem is when i'm doing select via QODBC connection, the result values from that field trims after 15th character... or displays question mark as 16th character. Enabling ODBC checkbox "Force SQL_WHAR Support" for current ODBC datasource doesn't solve the problem.

    The question is, is it possible to configure ODBC connection not to trim values of the current field?

    P.S. I've build OCI plugin with my version of client (11.2) and have no problem with reading data from the field. Yet, ODBC solution is important for me. Thanks for any advance :o)

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