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cannot drag scrollview handle with hand on touch screen, but dragging is working with mouse

  • hi all,

    with new qt 5.9 i was unable to drag scrollview handle, or click incrment control and decrement control.

    any idea why this is happening ?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    You don't give enough information about what and how. You should also test against a more recent version of Qt.

  • i wasusing qt quick 1.4 for scrollview .
    earlier i had qt 5.6.2, with this version the scroll thumb(handle) dragging was working with both touch and mouse.
    recently i updated to qt 5.9 and Scrollview's scroll thumb(handle) dragging stopped working with touch, but can be dragged with mouse.

    is this something to do with qt version update or the version of scrollview i am using ?

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    Likely a regression. What version of 5.9 are you using ? Did you also check with a more recent version ?

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